Strange physics

Is this just a bad translation, or am I missing something?

Chang, who lived on the fourth floor, said the building had collapsed and accused SWJ of tearing down his home.

SWJ president Cheng Ko-shi (鄭可熙) said the company did not mean to tear down Chang’s home, but only the first three floors, whose owners had agreed to the renewal project.

How do you “tear down” the first three floors and leave the fourth one? :idunno:


It seems shady, but looking at the house, there’s no way it’s 4mil USD.

He was negotiating so he chose a higher number and he was the last hold out. A house is worth what somebody will pay for it after all.

The developers used very shady tactics to force the situation by arranging an accident and then knocking his house down!

I’d say he has a great legal case now , however they may have anticipated the legal consequences already and think they can manage that. It’s this kind of thing that’s actually holding up redevelopment of the city.

Maybe they calculated the legal consequences would be less then 4mil usd lol. Could be true.