Strange Product Names in Taiwan

Dear All

If anyone can think of any strange names of products that can be bought in Taiwan, could you please reply to this message? I am sure there are loads, but I can only thik of Pocari Sweat (which really does not make me want to buy it).

Charlie Warth

黑人牙膏 literally meaning “Black person’s toothpaste”

anything from the Wanko clothes shop

Is that “Darlie”, formerly “Darkie”, toothpaste?

It revolts me that the Chinese have changed the English name, seemingly to show how they are not racist or trying to be offensive, but then keep the Chinese “black man” name and the clearly offensive logo, and think we’re all stupid twats and won’t notice. I oughtta send this to the NAACP back home, I know for a fact “Darlie” is still sold in many Asian supermarkets in the US. Just pathetic.

i believe Darlie is owned by colgate-palmolive FYI

Well look it’s their business, they don’t have to cater to the sensibilities of Western countries with mixed populations (nevermind primarily African countries) if they don’t want to - I guess it’s up to the “power of the purse” to get it changed if people wanted it so - wikipedia says you are correct about Palmolive, it also says that there are no negative connotations to using the term Hei Ren with Chinese folk - not sure if that’s entirely true, but whatever, so I’ll have my boycott alone then

I still can’t get over the name Calpis wikipedia says the name Calpis was actually constructed as a portmanteau, by combining cal from calcium and pis from Sanskrit sarpis (supreme taste) - yeah whatever! we all know it’s cow piss

And I just picked up a bag of pistachios that has the name Everybody’s Nuts, no joke…

Of course the British have bovril, if you don’t know already you’ll never believe where that name comes from…

There’s a popular chocolate cookie thing in the convenience stores called ‘Coque d’ Ass’.

So gay.

There’s also Whitemen Toothpaste.

and Dr. P adult diapers

Also Stonker Donker condoms, but couldn’t find a non-Flikr photo to post. Not sure if they’re just a Taiwanese thing.

There are lots of others, too, but I can’t think of them now.

This issue has been covered numerous times. Do a search and you will find at least two threads on this very same topic.

I find ‘Fuck Goods’, a lost-in-translation error of ‘Dry Goods’ quite hilarious. With all the English teaching going on here in Taiwan and nobody (non-foreign) ever noticed the glaring mistake? :loco:

ASO shoes

I don’t get it :eh:

How about PAOS? Obviously from the same marketing “genius” who thought up KLIM.

I don’t get it :eh:[/quote]

Think bodily orifices.

I think there’s also an Automotive Service Supplies or something like that, with a big ASS on their signs.

Perhaps the two companies could merge and form FAT ASS.

the immortal…

Everybody’s Nuts is a California company and their pistachios are grown in California. Despite the silly name and packaging, it is actually something of a premium brand and relatively expensive. Those pistachios have quite a number of fans among my friends back home in the US. I didn’t know they sell them in Taiwan, where did you get them?

Costco - salt and pepper flavor

I spent the day in the office dragging the bag of pistachios around the building poking my head in doors with pithy little inanities like “look i’m jiggling Everybody’s Nuts” and “now I’m slapping Everybody’s Nuts”

Since most of them are Chinese with not a whole lot of English, and didn’t read the bag, they mostly just smiled at the idiot farang and returned to their “work”

Worked wonders for my mood though

I can personally prove that that’s false advertising - woman or man

The yellow soda/sports drink called…“P” !

OK, and not really a product, but the school in Tainan called “Pudding Burger American School.” Imagine putting that on your resume…