Strange, strange neighbors

I really don’t know what my neighbors are up to. They moved in a few weeks ago and they never talk, they only shout at each other. The wife/girlfriend shouts at the guy, and the guy always seems to be calming her down. They sound young, but I’ve never seen them. After they fight, I hear a lot of shuffling sounds and the woman makes sneezing noises. Within a minute after she makes those sounds, they guy is out of the apartment like a flash. I heard fighting sounds today. Things were thrown around. I’ve resorted to taping their fights because I hate abuse.

Now I’m hearing whale-like sounds. They follow the same pattern daily. After the fight, they take a bath and everything is quiet until she makes those sounds. They broke their bathtub almost immediately after moving in and had it replaced.

maybe they’re watching whale videos.

Short clips.

In the shower.

Un huh.

[quote=“lupillus”]maybe they’re watching whale videos.

Short clips.

In the shower.

Un huh.[/quote]


Well, maybe it’s their favourite film.

Or they watch it in little snippets.


I’ll be out of here in 6 weeks. I’m leaving Taiwan for good.

Man, what’s up with everyone leaving in droves lately? Is there something in the water?

Whales, apparently.

So could the whale sounds be here crying?

Whales, apparently.[/quote]

pollution finally got to me.