Strange, strange Taiwan! (book title)

A twentysomething Japanese magazine writer, a woman, in Taipei, Yuka Aoki, has written a book, color photos throughout, about her experiences in Taiwan, published in bilingual format of Chinese and Japanese, no English, published by books. Kingstone has it on its top 30 bestseller list, at 29 this week. The title in Chinese of Miss Aoki’s book is “Strange strange, neh?: a single Japanese woman’s view of Taiwan.”

[奇怪ㄋㄟ:ㄧ個日本女生眼中的台灣 ] … s_id=10498

[PM: "Yes, Cola, I have read the book written by Yuka Aoki, quite interesting, Omoshiroi in Japanese, as I do read Chinese and Japanese, I found the woman has special talent as art designer, she took all the photos and did all the layout