Strava newest "feature"

A pivotal reason that most of us use the app is not going to appear as a free feature anymore!

Strava previously split up the app into different tiers of subscriptions, so you’re not stuck with the ol Strava Premium option.

Personally, I don’t look at the leader board of segments after every ride, but if I have made an effort on certain segments, I still like to see how I stack up against my friends and cycling groups. I will see how big of an impact it is on my training and if there’s a gap, I may take the plunge and throw money at Strava. It’s a good app and it will be towards a good cause.

What do you guys think?


I just found out about it. There’s a ‘segment’ on one of my rides and the leaderboard is taken up by people who’re avg. 84km/hr. Makes me wonder if I’m a slug or they’re cheating. I like it to see how I do ride to ride though.

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I don’t use it enough to pay for it but think it’s a reasonable plan. I was surprised to find out they haven’t managed to be profitable yet.

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Unless that’s a downhill segment…that’s definitely a vehicle. You can flag them to get them off the leaderboard.

“This change will mean that from 6pm this evening Strava users must subscribe to view the overall leaderboard, to compare a segment result with any other user, to compare previous efforts or to enjoy segment analysis.”

I see no change yet. I find comparing to previous efforts the most useful. Some days my perceived effort is way off of my actual time on a segment. And then when I think about it, I can pinpoint where the problem was- went too hard at the beginning, the wind at the top, not taking advantage of leveling off portions for free time, etc.

So it will be sad to see this go. I’m not sure if I’ll pay for things.

The leadership boards are fun and interesting, but they don’t really help me. They maybe even depress me when I see that I take around double the time as the best on some famous segments, like on that 10k Xiwan Road segment.

Edit: I see not quite double. 49 minutes for me versus 30 for the KOM.