Stray kitten on it's own, on the street

Looks to be a stray kitten, maybe three weeks old or so, meowing around outside my apartment here in Neihu. There’s absolutely no chance that I’ll take in a stray with a newborn in the house. Anyone interested in collecting it?

Are you sure the mother is not around?

No, I can’t be positive. Spotted it last night on one side of the building, under a parked car, seemingly alone and meowing. Spotted it again tonight, on the other side, again, seemingly alone. I may be jumping to conclusions.

If its been there awhile the momcat has probably lost it. IT will die unless someone steps in. I took in two in this type of situ (two different times) and nursed it to health and found a home for them.

I hope someone will do same. If i was there, i would, but im here so i cant.
Way too far away.

Maybe you can alert some neighbors? or call the local animal shelter?

Still there?

Don’t know. Haven’t been home much the last few days. Dud spot what may have been the mother though.