Stray mom with 11 puppies

I’ve been helping this mom and her pups for a couple of weeks. She is so skinny(the mom) and she’s not gaining weight. I can’t promise how healthy they are, but if anyone is interested in adopting in a month or so, I will take them to the vet and have them checked out.

The one climbing up is the only one I named (Melaki) and she fell out one night( before her ears and eyes opened) I found her the next morning soaked and half frozen…she couldn’t even close her mouth. After 30 minutes of trying to put her back with her mom to drink, I gave up. The others were too strong. I placed her next to her mom and when I came back 2 hours later she was fine:D!/vid … 1&comments

So far 3 has been adopted, and 7 has been moved to a safer place. People were starting to feed them all kinds of things and some people threw chocolate down there to try and poison them. Also, with the heavy rains their area became totally messy.

the mom wasn’t getting any heavier…after giving her some worm medicine she improved…this was before though…feeding 11 pups like this!

the little house :slight_smile:

all eleven survived:)

The 7 are doing very well. They are eating well and come when called. All are healthy and have had their first round of vaccinations.

Please pass the word if you know of anyone wanting to adopt a puppy.

awwww yay, thanks so much for coming to their rescue!!

Please take a look at the album in Animals Taiwan’s facebook page … aid=268815

Please contact me if you are interested in adopting one of these little darlings.