Stream of Consciousness

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel that Segue discussions can meander off topic into interesting diversions but the speakers are then instructed to get back on topic, or the mod is requested to relocate the diverted discussion to a new thread of its own, and sometimes that just doesn’t seem right. Sometimes, it seems, meandering diversions ought to be allowed. Hence this thread.

As the initiator of this thread I hereby announce that this thread shall have no particular subject and no subject shall be off limits (assuming it is is not excessively racist or malicious or otherwise unlawful), and it is the intention that one idea shall lead to another which shall lead to another on whatever topic suits your fancy, although it is hoped that for the most part speakers will avoid boring subjects like war and politics, that have already been discussed ad nauseum elsewhere.

I’ll start the discussion by stating what a good time I had swimming this morning. While it’s not the same as Omni’s swims in the river, I enjoy going to the pool sometimes before work. You’d be surprised how crowded it can be at 6:30 in the morning. Most lanes had 5 or 6 people when I arrived this morning, and it is frustrating slowing up for the old folks who bob up and down in the lane, doing a hybrid breast stroke-dog paddle, struggling to keep their heads above the water. But I see it as a way to work on my patience. It doesn’t help to get angry at them for obstructing traffic; instead, one either learns to swim slower, or pass them when one has a chance. Thankfully, strong younger swimmers began jumping in my lane, forcing out the old geezers and the pace gradually increased to a steady churning back and forth.

After that, off to Swensens for a french toast and coffee breakfast special. What a great way to start the day.

So, here it goes…
I never did get the idea of drinking coffee… Its aroma is great. But it’s bitter (fine u can add sugar to make it less bitter… but still), and the after taste is awful (at least for me). And worst of all, one gets addicted to it. Wait, speaking of addictions, can one sue coffee companies like they did ciggarite companies? Ought to be possible. America is the land of inifinate possibilities (of lawsuits).

I guess the weather in Taiwan is good enough for swimming, eh? Freakin’ New York… Arrrghhh… It’s like Taipei without the bing lan stain on the streets (but in exchange, you get dog poops everywhere; to top that off, you also get stinky garbage bags in the middle of sidewalks; imagine walking down the streets of NYC in steamy summer).


Shouldn’t this thread be moved to Living in Taiwan?

Always a wise guy. Miscalleneous or Open seem more appropriate. As for you Sandman, what exactly is a Laird o Cockpen anyway, and who is it that picks up jellied packets he has left topped with a dollop? I get the feeling Screaming Jesus got his signature about the guys penis tucked in with ace bandage from the same source where you got yours. No?

Speaking of “living in Taiwan”. I hear that if you are “living in Taiwan” a great way to start your day is by having a good swim and follow it up with an overpriced breakfast.

My favorite breakfast is McD’s Hot cakes and coffee.
The crew at McD’s know my preference and when they see me arrive they call out my order before I get in the door. I get it fresh and hot - this really makes my day.

My god, I just noticed that an administrator must have stolen my sperm! :shock:

And as for Ace bandages, I don’t think crested newts would be able to wrap them properly. They have toxic skin but not opposable thumbs.

And The Laird O’ Cockpen is a bloke in a song.

So I’m researching the www for my upcoming trip to Amsterdam, and I come across this:

[quote]california taking over !!! by excitableone

Description: what’s with the humbolt connection in amsterdam well i guess humbolt weed is as good as it gets in america, so the dutch had to go and make it better. for example stella blue from the any day coffeeshop it was introduced in an odd way two female babies were smuggled from humbolt to amsterdam it’s 100% organic and 70% sativa and 100% sweet!!! i really enjoyed this marijuana!

Two things from this jump out at me immediately. One, isn’t Mother Theresa from Humbolt? Two, “Stella Blue” is the name of a Grateful Dead song.

Greatful Dead, isn’t that Tigerman’s bag?

A dope-growing deadhead! This I simply refuse to believe! :laughing:

And look out for Sheepshagger golden ale on your travels (although it might not have made its way as far as the 'Dam).

And here’s a site to make you drool. And here’s a useful resourceyou’ve probably already seen.

I saw the best minds of our generation…oh hell, how did that thing go? It rambled on and on.

Some administrator swallowed my “sperm” as well. (Messed up my poetry, the philistines.) I find that rude.

If I ever write a book on sex education, I think I’ll call it “F–ing rules!” Because the phrase can be interpreted three different ways.

So what WAS the infamous “three-way” discussion?

Is it right to mock Christianity during Easter? I’m sure if I saw the crucifixion I would be appalled, but since it’s such an institution it often tempts me to poke fun at it. Like this link:

You want stream of consciousness? Try this:


Isn’t this kind of thing what blogs are for?

Sandman, I love the Sheepshaggers beer label :laughing:

The above quote is from the China Daily and it’s about SARS. I just thought the use of language was funny and typical of the Chinese government. It illustrates “The government has said there is no problem therefore there is no problem” kind of logic.

Maybe it’s too serious for this thread. So here’s my stream of consciousness:

bored… surfing the internet… log in to forumosa… post something… bored… weather’s not great today… might go outside… might not… I’m hungry… grab a snack… what should I do now? …

[quote=“Screaming Jesus”]I am not one of the best minds of our generation…
My poetry, I’m a philistine. I find that rude.

If I ever write a book on sex education, I think I’ll call it “I haven’t got a clue!”

Is it right to mock Christianity during Easter? Of course NOT - But it is right to mock me anytime!

JESUS LOVES YOU!!![/quote]

There we go - that’s better!

We wouldn’t want to be speading anymore religious intolerance now would we :unamused:

Donald Bible is a friend of mine. I last saw him a year ago at the Brickskeller in Washington, D.C., where we were enjoying so many wonderful different brews that he decided to skip his flight back to Deleware. He is a fun guy and a real beer lover… he is very fond of US microbrews, and especially of the Dogfish Head brews from Deleware.

What you can see on the www…. :smiley:

Glad to be of help Tigerman. I just went back to that site and saw on the “Finding Good Beer” page that “probably the best source there is for Scottish beer” is Oasts and Toasts, at 107 Morrison Street, Edinburgh. And earlier this year, one of my sisters bought a house in Morrison Street. And I’m going over there in August.

Did you check out the finding good beer page? If so, you might have seen this place or perhaps this place. Here’s a brief quote form the site:

I think you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to pay a visit. Hell, I might even pop over for a day or two from Aviemore myself in August!

That’s the name of the theater production I saw the other night at Novel Hall. Well, my “younger” sister (Wo Mei Mei) to be exact. The play was nothing to write home about, very conventional. But do check out Novel Hall (behind the City Hall near Warner) if you ever get the chance. A small version of the National Theater, and cleaner, if you can believe it.

Wouldn’t you know it. Give Tigerman free reign to ramble on any subject and, wadda ya know, he comes back to beer. Yes, Tiger, when I was in Amsterdam I noticed Humboldt’s finest in a couple of coffee shops, and it made me proud. . . not that I was sampling the goods of course, just window shopping. :wink:

With all this beer this thread is surely going to turn into the stream of unconsciousness :wink:

Yes indeed. Time to get this thread back on topic. Tigerman, did you read the reviews of the Jolly microbrewery up in Neihu? Good review of the British pale ale they have – unlike the reviews for Taiwan Light Beer [quote]Fizzy with notes of metal and rice. Sweet with absolutely no bitterness. Did I just drink something?
Seriously, those guys sure do seem to get around.

Oh right… stream of consciousness…[quote=“Incubus”]Novel Hall, and cleaner[/quote]
I read a novel once, but it wasn’t clean at all.