Streaming Web Video Production for expats in Taiwan

Before this site was updated I placed the message below expressing the interest of using my streaming video site to stream videos made by expats or local DV / analoge owners. We have the means of transfering video and compression for on-line viewing. All we would like to do is gather those people with intrest and setup a way to send the video to the servers for streaming. This would be a great way to show people at home our life here in Taiwan or in Asia in general.

Drop me a note if you would like to give it a go.

Hello all,

I’m a 15 year res. of Taiwan and also a video maker. I run an on-line streaming video service here in Taiwan with video streaming servers in Taiwan, the U.S. and Holland. I’m interested in creating a CNN World Report style streaming video program for Taiwan. At this point what I need is people who have DV, HI8 or VHS camera that are willing to go out and tape things and send to me for streaming on the servers I run.

At this point I only stream media in the Windows Streaming format. This would be a good way to not only tell people about Taiwan, but show them on-line too!

Drop me a message if you would like to take part in putting this together.


This is an interesting idea. I’ve been trying to put up low-res videos on my site but I don’t have enough space for more than one or two at a time. It would be cool if I could have a place to put longer, higher-res videos.

This is cool Poago. I see you were a cameraman for TVBS. I do a bit of film work for a few US Chinese cable systems as well as create educational videos here in Taipei. We have all kinds of gear and DV / DVCAM cameras to shot with. We don’t do any Beta cam work anymore.

Never the less, we are trying to setup one of our streaming video sites to stream locally produced videos by expat or locals living here in Taiwan. What I would like to go for is having people film how they live / love or like living in Taiwan for on-line streaming. Local events would also be a good topic to cover. As most people don’t have the gear to edit or stream video I cn asit in this area easily.

This could become the Taiwan expat on-live Video-on-Demand station. Do you think this could work?


I’ve also worked with film before and presently own a Canon GL2 DV cam. Do you have any 24p cameras like the new Panasonic? What do you edit on? Final Cut Pro, Avid or Premiere? Have you ever thought of filming a pilot and a few episodes of a show that presents expats in a more realistic light than the local stations do, and then presenting it to one of the stations, big-three or cable?

I’ve thought about doing a few short shows about expats here but have never found the expoats that are serious about taking part. Here we use Premiere 6.5 and Media Studio Pro 6.5 with a Canopus M1 card and a Pinnacle One RTDV card. I don’t ahve any plans to move into 24p cameras now. I mainly use a DCR-XV2000 MiniDV camera and a DCR-370 DVCAM.

After some long thought I think that I will try to create an expat video group to put a few projects together. Let’s see how it goes!


I’d be willing to be the cool Joey like character that everbody likes in an expat version of Friends :laughing: .

I’m serious, that would be cool :smiley: .

[quote=“miltownkid”]I’d be willing to be the cool Joey like character that everbody likes in an expat version of Friends :laughing: .

I’m serious, that would be cool :smiley: .[/quote]

I’m glad to hear someone is serious about putting something together :smiley:. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for about a year now. The problem is producing, directing, filming and editing takes some serious thought and time to do it right. Most expats here in Taiwan are not able to put in the time. However, I’ve done many projects with my local video making friends. I can say that they have to love to use the tools they have to create interesting productions and I’v enjoyed working with them. I now just think is time that the expat community join skills and put something together on video of life in Taiwan.

If you have time, take a look at what a few expats in Japan have put together on video at . I know that we can also put something together like this.

I’ll see how far we can go on this.


I’m really interested in doing this. I’ll be buying a digital video camera soon and would like to know which is the best (or which three). I’ve never gotten into this kind of thing before so I don’t really know where to start. If I don’t ask somebody, I’ll just buy a really expensive Sony (I’m one of those guys).

Any help would be great!

I want to film how we play chinese squabble on sunday to give clearer picture to those who’re still at a loss as to what chinese squabble is. I probably just use my cam.


My two cents are this: I bought the following camera: … g=pdtl-img

I use for the high-portability factor. It is so small because of thier new mini-tiny-smallesque tapes called MicroMV. It can get 60 minutes of video on a tape that small because it uses MPEG-2 (DVD quality) compression as its foundation.

However, if you are planning on doing a lot of production where you have to give tapes to others, don’t go with a Sony camera using MicroMV. Stick with all the other cameras out there that use standard MiniDV tapes.


Only a handful of video editing sofware pacakges out there can import MicroMV (.mmv) from the camea. There is currently no Macintosh program (including Final Cut Pro) that can handle it.

Don’t break your camera. If you do, you’re in trouble, because that’s the only machine around that can play your tapes. It is not like you can borrow your neighboors MiniDV cam. You have a very special tape that needs a very limited edition camera.

Tapes are expensive. You can pay between USD 12 and 16 for a single 60 minute tape.

All we need to do is have people collect the video. Then, edit a few sections of the video and I’ll stream them from my servers.

You’re welcome to show how intensely interesting my life is on video, if you want (but it will probably require some re-writing.) Also, Antonio Banderas would be good for the love interest. :sunglasses:

Hmmm…The last time I spoke to Antonio he was cleaning my pool. OK…you win…when can you start?