Street fight! Foreigner vs. Local man! TVBS!

Street fight! Foreigner vs. Local man! TVBS!

Just saw this on the news at 8 pm. Can someone translate for us newbies here. Seems it was in Taichung, a foreign guy has a bat in his hand, the local man has a bat in his hand, they are just about to pound each other to bits when the cop car arrives. How did the TV get there so quick?

Anyway, from the captions, sounds like the foreign guy’s wife was insulted by the local guy, i keep hearing LAO PO LAO PO and something about Taichung or Taitung, and something about CHina, DA LOO?

Pls, smn, expln! This will be looped I am sure all night on all the channels, so just turn on your TV like NOW, and see for yrself.

What was the argument all about? Inquries welcome,

LATER POSTED at 10 PM: called the Foreign Affairs Police to find out the brouhahaha: turns out it was some kind of traffic accident, the two cars pulled in front of each other, angry drivers, road rage. still don’t understand why they had to resort to BATS.


Because machine guns weren’t available.

In related news, the offices of TBS (Taiwanese for Bat Safety) have called for an immediate ban on “assault bats”, especially the bayonet-lugged “vampire bats”.

Because machine guns weren’t available.

And a good thing they weren’t.

I was involved in a traffic accident and the guy came at me with a club…all I had was my helmet and my guitar, and I wasn’t going to use my guitar. I mean come on people why can’t we solve things the mature way…with fists :stuck_out_tongue:

probably because you were 3 feet taller then him

No he was a good head taller than me. I’m only 5’6".

Formosa, who won ? Did our boys do us proud ? Did he give him a good ass-whooping or what ?

I saw the thing on TV. Didn’t hear about the cause of it, and there was no mention or glimpse of any spouses as far as I can tell. The foreign guy gave the Taiwanese guy the finger (right in his face), and the Taiwanese guy went to his car and pulled out a bat. The foreign guy went to his car and got his bat (which looked like a sawed-off version). The foreign guy was screaming at the Taiwanese guy really angrily, and the Taiwanese guy was getting pretty excited, too. The cops then stepped in, and things calmed down.

It’s always interesting to see the reaction one gets when you flip them the bird. It’s a loss of face that must be met with violence, it seems. Sometimes it’s fun to do when you know the other guy just can’t do anything about it. I save it for a-holes in nicer cars then mine who cut me off, try to squeeze into a line they were too lazy to wait for, or for guys whose stupidity almost resulted in an accident. If their cars are nicer, I know they won’t do anything rash on purpose. I restrain myself when it’s a blue-truck driver.

I’ve only let my birdy fly once here. In kaohsiung on a bus. A bunch of Jr. high kids were talking about this monkey girl like I wasn’t even sitting there listening to them. I was getting madder and madder wondering when the little jerks would get off. Turned out to be my stop. I could understand them, but couldn’t speak enough to speak my peace, so I flew the bird. They were very shocked and actually came back to say sorry. Of course they were kids and were obviously in the wrong, but they didn’t start swing their book bags at me.

first and last time i flipped someone off in Taiwan nearly resulted in my wife and i (on a scooter) nearly being run off the road (by a car driver)

we memorized his plate number - our revenge waits… :sunglasses:

i was at the foreign affairs office one day renewing my visa… and the security guard is working and all the sudden another security gaurd confronts him and they started screaming at each other over respecting authority… this went on at least 5 minutes… after a bit the younger security guard has had enough, buts down his hat and whatever else and puts his dukes up ready to fight, at this time some other police offers came in to break it up, i found it pretty funny, fights int he police station… made my day

I’ve had a few scooter crazies screaming GAAAAAAAN! at me while making a right turn in my car. They hate having to slow down and go around when a car inches its way across.
It cracks me up when I hear it because when someone yells gan4 long and loud it sounds more like gaaaaaaaaaaaaaan1 :dry as opposed to f**k.

I remember many moons ago playing a game of football down in Hsinchu against a local team. After a particularly late tackle by one of our lads, the injured player got up, went over to his truck and pulled out a rather large machete and a saw. He then proceeded to wave them around his head, like a blind man with a machine gun. His entire team were like “what the f*** are you doing” and we were like “ok, late tackle but lets be reasonable here”. Local lads have no problem losing their cool

That’s a great story. It always kills me how upset people, but especially guys, can get. Not many things are funnier than a guy who loses his poise, and for a guy who loses it, not many things are more humiliating.

And this guy, how mad do you have to be to pull out a “rather large” machete and a saw? Like, FUCK YOU, I’LL CUT YER FOOT OFF OR–AND THIS IS JUST HOW MAD I AM RIGHT NOW–IF YOU GIVE ME ENOUGH TIME, I’LL SAW IT OFF INSTEAD! THAT IS EXACTLY HOW MAD I AM!!!

Poor bastard.

What’s with all this nastyness and chopping bits off people ? Can’t we all just hug instead ? :flowers:

I’ve flipped off tons of people on the road, but I’ve never been run off the road or attacked. What am I doing wrong?

Damn Taiwanese people crack me up. Flipping the bird is not a big deal. I mean there worse things you can do.

Try taking that 2-foot watermelon knife out of your fist before you give the finger.

It has gotten better, but there’s used to be a time the gangsters were really bad in tw
so that if anyone had a traffic accident it would be best to run as fast you could, never get out of the car…anyway, that was over 10 years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

2 points: (1)Taiwanese people’s lack of appreciation for the the due process of law is appalling. Be that as i may, (2) Westerners’ superiority complex and their arts of being dismissive(or dissing in ghetto terms) certainly serve as the fueling depot for belligerency.