Street Fighter and other fighters

For nostalgia’s sake, I picked up SF4 for my PS3. It’s a lot of fun, but after a decade of not playing the game, I’m not as good as I use to be. Even playing HD Remix proves difficult. I’ve won tournaments as a teen, but now I’m having trouble beating the AI. How sad.

MK vs. DC Universe is a fun kickback.

Tekken 5 is a must if only as a collector’s item.

Virtua Fighter 5 = fun to play but hard to master

Super Smash Bros = not quite the typical fighter, but still fun to play on the Wii

Anyone else a fighter?..or a retired one.

Back in the pre-CSB Mayorial days, when consoles were pretty basic, there were hordes of video arcades, especially n the night markets.
The naughty Naked Lady gambilng ones were in the back, but up front it was just like a normal (except more Nipponese games) arcade.
Except you could bring beers in and smoke!!!
My night market, Tunghua St., had like 4, and one had this bigscreen Virtua Fighter with built in seats and all.
Me and my buddy used to go in there with a bag of beer and just own that thing for hours. I favoured Jeffrey, the Australian w/ the dreads. When I’d go in by myself the local punks would challenge me, and I’d often beat them.
THAT was fun.
I still play X-Box with my kid, so it probably wouldn’t be that difficult to get back into it.
Love to find out where that big VF sit-down is, bet you could buy it for a song…