This is shit that’s going to happen to you sometime in your life. It’s as inevitable as taxes and death. And you’re reduced to a basic choice: you either get the shit kicked out of you or you kick the shit out of somebody else.
Personally, I prefer not to end up in ER.

If you absolutely HAVE to be in a fight, get it over with as soon as possible.

They’re initiating it, so they assume they have the advantage. Give them ample chance to walk away. If they don’t, they assume they have the upper hand, psychologically.

That’s when you bang them in the face. Make them bleed. Profusely. If a fight is inevitable, always strike the first blow. They don’t expect that. It comes as a bit of a surprise to them that there’s blood everywhere and it isn’t yours. Aim for the nose and mouth and don’t hold back. Hit as hard as you fucking can.
Get in close. Especially with blokes bigger than you. They don’t expect that. It confuses them. Don’t give them space to strike you. Bite off their nose or an ear. That freaks them the fuck out. And just headbutt, headbutt, headbutt. Use your knees and kick the crap out of their ankles.
It doesn’t matter if they have a PHD in karate or Kung Fu. They’re going down.

This approach works fine for on-one and even for three if you get the leader first.

Otherwise, go down to the Seven and buy them all a beer.

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If you get into a street fight in Taiwan it’s going to be 1 on 10 or more. There’s no way they’d take on someone that’s likely twice their weight 1 on 1.

But don’t get into fights. Especially over girls because they are really good at getting guys to hurt each other over them.

Count on them having weapons too.


I don’t. My last was about 15 years ago,

Also there’s legal consideration too.

Meaning you only do it if the alternative is death or serious injury.

Because chances are you will have to explain yourself in court over it.

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If someone physically attacks me and I defend myself? Hilarious.

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The only advice you’re gonna hear from any respectable self-defense instructor is: run away. If you can’t run away, aim for the groin, the eyes or the stomach. The point is to get out of the situation as fast as you can, not to Jack Reacher your way through it.


I’m just trying to figure out the logistics of kicking someone in the ankle with your knee. How does that even work? Your knee is halfway up your leg, and their ankle is down near the ground.


It’s a little harder to explain in court if you initiate the first strike.


I got out of being beaten up when I was younger by singing this (with the dance)


Find out what the self defense law is in Taiwan.

Taiwan does not have castle doctrine or stand your ground laws.

There have been cases where someone killed a burglar and was prosecuted for it, though he received a really light sentence for it because the prosecutor felt sorry for him, but that’s the law here in Taiwan.

Always run if you are able, even if it seems dishonorable to do it. Better to live and be out of prison than dead and honored.

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Yeah from what I’ve heard from people who do/previously did a lot of fighting in Taiwan, you better have at least 500k and a lawyer on hand before you even dream of throwing punches.

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Lawyer part is easy.

That i whack them with after calling the cops and catching the incident on tape?

Yea, no, not at all.


I was referring to civilized countries where a scrap in the street or calling someone a cunt doesn’t open you up to all sorts of childish liabilities.

Civilised countries sort things out through violence?

Assault is legal in civilised countries?

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Are you being purposefully thick, @Marco ? Street scraps are going to happen. The thing is, they usually get sorted out there, with no running to courts like little girls.
And you show somebody a finger and spend your life paying off for their pain and suffering?
That’s fucking pathetic.


You speak as though you’re ready to fight someone.

You don’t know what the other guy is going through, and you don’t know what kind of weapons/friends/legal team they have.

First rule of a street fight is you never get into a street fight. You run away if the opportunity is available, which for most of the time, unless a mob is coming to your house to do bad stuff to you, is an available option.

The courts are going to want to know why you chose to beat someone up when the opportunity to run is available, even if he is looking to assault you. It’s going to look very bad on you if that is the case. There is no stand your ground law in Taiwan.

I think in China they have a poster about fighting: The loser goes to a hospital and the winner goes to jail.


Well, that’s righteous and noble, but very rarely the case,

Duh. What sort of society defers to “the courts” over a scrap on the road? Fucking infantile.

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I think our cultures need to take a good look in the mirror if we believe:

A) Resorting to violence is a ‘civilised’ solution

B) Criticise non-western peoples and countries for resorting to violence.

C) Then we talk down to Taiwan by calling some of its more inoccuous aspects ‘undeveloped’ Last thing I want to be is on the side of racial supremacists like Aznidentity and the ilk that plague Reddit and Pro CCP tankies. But if we accept and present violence as acceptable, then we may not throw stones.

Honestly? I don’t accept violence as an answer and will not be an aggressor, not now, not ever.

If we think socalled ‘street scraps’ are not only acceptable, but even condoned, then we are the developing third world ones.

Dude. As someone with actual experience, it wasn’t fun being the plaintiff. Secondly, this sentence is full of misinformation. The max amount of damages is $30000. Hardly life changing. Secondly, it was incredibly time consuming. Thirdly, after considering lawyer’s fees and the amount of time I had to take off work, I may have netted around $3000-5000. Suing people is not a good use of anyone’s time if you’re looking to get rich quick off of insults and was not a decision I took lightly. Legal action is there to replace violence.