Stroke input methods for Chinese

Some clever clogs foreigner living in Taiwan wrote a book in English about the Cangjie (or however they spell it) stoke-based method for typing Chinese characters. Does anybody know where the book is on sale?

Has any non-Chinese person here actually mastered Cangjie or any other stroke-based (as opposed to phonetic) input method? Any alternatives to Cangjie? How do the methods compare?

I got my copy at the bookstore at Warner Village. i think the CangJie system is really cool because it breaks characters down into a philosophical system that is derived from Daoism. I’m not kidding! You have to read the book. The inventor took the ideas of the I Jing into consideration when creating the system.

Big minus to the system as far as I can tell is that you REALLY have to know your characters to make it work. But then I guess that’s why the author thinks it’ll help foreigners remember characters.

And to answer your other question, I’m a LONG way from mastering it.