Struggling to find Christian friends (not sure where to post this)

I’ve been in Taiwan for about 7 months now and am looking for solid, Christian friends. I live near the end of the blue line (Haishan and Tucheng stations) and work 2-9 weekdays. Is there anyone out there? I’m pretty isolated and spiritually cut off here and it’s hard to get to churches on the other side of the city on Sunday mornings, especially with night hours. I’m 33, m, single, Lutheran (but completely ok with people from other denominations- yes that specifically includes Catholics!), I guess that’s enough for a start!

What do you mean by solid, Christian friends? Sunday Mass goers? well-read in doctrine to explain what the Bible really means? Clean living?

How about lapsed Catholics :slight_smile: . Solid drinking credentials.

lol! Just mean people I can hang out with and have a good time, and who aren’t squeemish about talking about faith. People who share a similar base of beliefs, so there’s a deeper connection built on a similar foundation. I have lots of non-Christian friends, but not many people to share this deep aspect of my life with. It’s sort of like a hiker (which I am) saying, “I have lots of friends, but nobody to hike up a mountain and talk gear and nature with.” It’s a deeper connection, you know?

Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Coptic- as long as we share, care about and can talk about that similar base. That’s what I mean.

I enjoy that a lot, though it’s not the be all and end all of what I mean.

There is a foreign Christian run cafe in Shimending on Hanzhong Street near the Red House called The Aroma. Nice guys there and they have weekly activities including mass on Sunday.

I know a Central American who is connected with OPUS DEI. Interested? But I think they’d wanna get in touch with you first before you with them. I can give your contact no. to this person.

Sure, why not?

You can send your email and contact phone to Tell them you’d like to get in touch. Someone will probably email or call you. That’s how a friend of mine got connected with them.