Student looking for part time work

Hello all, on June 13th I arrived in Taiwan for studying Mandarin.
But my school cancelled the course for this semester so I’ll start a little late(August 31st).
At the moment I’m looking for any kind of job cause I’m quickly running out of savings!

Now I’m running into several problems:
Can’t speak Mandarin(just a few words).
Don’t have a working permit(just a visitor visa).

About me:
I’m from the Netherlands so my first language is Dutch.
My English writing as well as speaking is close to fluent.
I went to a vocational college in the Netherlands.
And completed my study majoring in IT support.
Since I don’t have any experience in teaching, I hesitate to find a job in that area.
Right now I live in Kaohsiung near the airport(xiaogang district).

Hope that anyone can give me some advice in my search.
Direct enquiries for for work is welcome too!
I’m pretty much open to anything except for teaching…

Be careful or you
ll get deported without a work permit.

No, seriously… you could…

  1. ask for a “student” work permit approval from school, pay 100 I think.
  2. start menial work such as brochure/leaflet giving, or helping at your embassy/representative office.