"Student" Visa - PLEASE HELP!

I am just wondering - in order to get student papers to get a visa extension, HOW MUCH MONEY does one have to have in the bank to show “proof” of ability to support oneself?

I have heard $2000CDN, $2000US, $3000US…? WHAT IS THE REAL AMOUNT? (there is a big difference between US/CDN!)
Please help!

And…would it be ok just to open a bank account in Taiwan in the visa holder’s name and put the required money in there?

Where are you applying for this student visa? What is your nationality?

I am asking for my bf - he’s Canadian. He’s coming into Taiwan on a multiple-entry (60 day) visitor’s visa. We are planning on getting him enrolled at a Chinese school in order to get the papers to allow him to extend his visa here in Taiwan. (I have read and know that he needs to have a LUMP SUM of money in his bank account to prove that he can support himself while living in Taiwan - just wanted to know HOW MUCH this is - and if a Taiwan bank account is acceptable)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide information!

I think a letter from a parent or someone else saying that they will support your friend, with perhaps a bank statement showing they’re not broke will suffice. If he’s from Canada, they’re not going to be as strict toward him as they would for someone from any “brown asian” country.
(Please do not interpret these remarks as racism.)

Depends on the school. Different schools, different requirements–btw 2000-3000 US$. The one I’m registered at doesn’t require a bank balance for the first 6 months, only when you leave the country (visa run) and want to return with another 60 day extendable. Remember if he is Canadian he will be given a 60 day, twice extendable… up to 180 days… 1st 60 days… you don’t have to be in a school… just before those first sixty days are up register for 2 sememsters at one of the language schools. Just before 180 days…Register for another 3-4 months, get your paperwork, and fly to HK and back to get a new visa.

When applying for his visa in Canada… you BF should say to the office staff that his purpose is to study and he will decide on a school when he arrives in Taiwan… at the airport… again, he should always answer that his travel purpose is to study.

Thank you Makaiwen and Polygon for your responses!
Just wondering (don’t know if you know!)…when my BF applied for his visa (he already got it), he said his purpose was to VISIT…but when he arrives, and he says his purpose is to STUDY, will that be ok?

Yeah… the visa they gave him has to be 60 day extendable though. He can ask the people at the trade office back in Canada. When on the plane they’ll give him a little embarkation card… he should mark “purpose of travel” with the “study” check box… and “Occupation: Student”. My passport stamp (visa… the one I got at the trade office… says “Visitor Visa”. But my embarkation card from the airport customs says “study”. If you want more info on schools… email me… polygon_mesh@yahoo.com