Student Visa question

I’m going to start studying at Shida University in March and planning to stay for at least a year. I’m kind of worried that when I apply for my visa here in the UK that they are going to give me a non-extendable type.

This would mean I’ll have to leave the country after 60 days which would be halfway through my university term and I’ll probably end up missing some classes and this could affect my next visa application.

Does anyone have any experience of this when applying for your visa? Do you have to tell the office to make it extendable as there is no mention of it on the application or do you just have to hope they’re in a good mood?

If you are given a visa for the explicit purpose of studying Chinese at Shi-Da University, then the visa will be extendable up to 180 days. If Shi-Da is on the list of MOE approved Chinese schools, you can then apply for a resident visa and ARC after four months in the country. You shouldn’t have to make any visa runs.

Just bring your acceptance letter from Shi Da when you apply for the visa, and make it clear that you plan on staying for one year or more.