Student visa to work visa


My student visa will expire in april does anyone know if i can apply for work permit/ARC without doing a visa run?

I don’t have an student ARC just an extendable visa in my passport but i do have a job offer from a school that can get me an ARC.


This should not be a problem, just as long as you do all the groundwork properly. I wrote an extend piece on my experience a while back. You can find it here [ … highlight=](From student RV to work RV



Just make sure that you don’t say you plan to continue studying in any capacity. I recently tried to get a work visa here, and mistakenly told them that I want to continue studying, but want to work too. They rejected my application and informed me “if you want to study you can’t work”. That’s bullshit, I tried explaining that tons of students in my language school have work visas, but also study in their free time, but they wouldn’t hear me out. They told me to go to Hong Kong and reapply for the work visa. A complete waste of time and money!