Student visa

i would like to know if one may work legally on a student visa. if so, how many hours per week?

in addition, may one get this student visa at any chinese language institution?

Maximum of 16 hours per week.

It must be an authorized Chinese school, but most of the ones you’ve heard of are. Ask the school if they help with visa/arc issues and if the answer is yes, they are probably OK.

Maximum of 16 hours per week.[/quote]But you have to study for a year before being permitted to work, right?

Correct. The field of work should also be related to the subject area of your study, so that narrows things down if you’re going to study Chinese. By the way, as MCHammer always points out, there’s no such thing as a ‘student visa’ it’s a visitor visa for the purpose of studying, so it’s a ‘visitor visa’.