Student Visa

Currently im in Taipei for business, (that means I need to renew my visa every 30 days), and I want to stay and learn chinese here.
Does someone know how can I get a student visa and for how long?

Hey guy

Am thai. I have a problem as you might be bigger than you. Am in thailand now and waiting an admission leter from cheng kung uncersity in Tainan then i will take that to taiwan embassy in my country to be student visa then i can stay there for 2 months at least but i have to enroll for 4 months there then they will give ARC then can stay longer for 1 year in taiwan. I think you can do that too just go to chinses school language or the university in taipei and apply for study chinses language then you will get your student but if more information i think you have to ask those place my yourself that what 's document do they wnat from you… Anyway i really hope that i can help you to fine out …
Good luck ,