Student visa


If I have a student visa from NTU am I allowed to work? Can I get permission to legally work? Can I get a working visa before becoming a student so that I can work and go to school?

AFAIK you may receive a permit to work part-time after your first or second year of study. You need to prove financial need as well as acceptable scores and may not work in certain industries and sectors.

There is no scheme under which you can simultaneously work and study full-time except for APRC or JFRV. What comes closest to that would be a working holiday visa, yet only a handful of countries are eligible and duration of stay is limited to one year without extensions.

Best is to ask NIA, CLA and your university.

I worked for two years on a student visa. You need:

1 year of transcripts from a Taiwanese school – I had one semester from a language school, one semester from my MA program.
Decently good grades
A company to sponsor you
Proof that you “need financial aid” (as simple as a signed letter that says so… if you want a template ask me)

You are limited to 16 hours a week, although that really just means on the books. At my job, I had exactly 16 hours lined up, but I ended up spending at least that long in technically “unpaid” hours so I could get everything done. Since I was on monthly salary instead of wages, it was no problem for anyone involved.

Good luck!

Thanks Hokwongwei. You have no idea how helpful this is for me right now. Is there any upper limit on the income?

No, it’s about hours worked and the industry/sector.

No, it’s about hours worked and the industry/sector.[/quote]

Nice. :slight_smile: 16 hours per week is more than I need.