Student visa's for UK may be going up by 136%

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Hi all…

I just noticed this on the BBC website that our present government is planning to increase the price of the student visa for overseas students. … 469221.stm

I’m not trying to be political here, but as we all know that studying in the UK is already too expensive. Could this have an affect on Taiwanese students deciding to come to the UK or not?

Many of the IELTS students I tutor already feel like they are used as “cash-cows”, IMO it will only get worse.

Any thoughts?


Best get that application in now then.

Not surprised. That’s exactly what they are. It’s never been a secret I don’t think – the overseas students used to stage periodic protests about it back when I was a student nearly 30 years ago.

Honestly, you can’t get a more cultural experience: getting used by big business, held back by the Man, and facing discrimination!

What more can you want?