Student worth NT$500 million dies 2 hours after same-sex marriage

This story is crazy.


Indeed. One of the bits and pieces from that article:

Lai’s mother reportedly came to Taiwan from China after a man sought her out to marry his disabled son. While married to the son, Lai’s mother developed a relationship with the father, and the pair had their own son — the (now deceased) Lai, at the center of this story.


So the guy who is dead grew up thinking his brother was his dad and his dad was his grandpa?


I’m immensely confused by the whole thing: a Reddit thread with a bunch of different versions didn’t help. I don’t think I’ve seen anything about what the deceased thought at different times of their life. One version I saw is that the disabled son’s wife had already been the father’s overseas mistress - and the marriage with the disabled son was a way to get her into the country.


More on that issue:

On Sunday, forensic medical expert Kao Ta-cheng (高大成) examined the ground site where Lai’s body was found and Lai’s remains at the Taichung Funeral Parlor at the invitation of the lawyer of Lai’s mother.

Kao later told reporters that the the body was found at a spot unlikely for a body falling from the 10th floor of a building, judging from the theory of a parabola.

Secondly, the remains’ appearance only shows bone fractures on the right elbow, Kao said, noting that no hemorrhaging was found in the head or abdominal cavity. “Normally, injuries caused by falling [from the 10th floor of a building] could not be so slight.”

Kao also pointed out that a patch of grass where Lai’s body was found was now bald, leading him to suspect Lai was poisoned before his fall and vomited on the grass.

The 72-year-old expert said he would provide the results of his examination to the prosecution for reference.


Many years back I dealt with a jumper from the 9th floor, there weren’t many bones in his body not broken. It was like lifting a sack full of potatoes when he was moved.


In Taiwan, how long need be married to get husbands millions?

In the case form the story below, he was married two (2) hours, is that long enough not even one full day, like could they file it and cancel same day?

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I don’t think there is a legal time limit, or he wouldn’t have killed his husband so soon. The guy was an estate lawyer so he knows his stuff.

In any case, it’s irrelevant if you get caught killing your spouse. You get nada.

Other family members also can sue to determine the marriage was a sham and for it to be annulled.
The ‘widower’ tried to explain their weird marriage in a way that the deceased wanted to get additional inheritance as first descendant to get married. Both witnesses to the marriage were random people the couple did not know prior.


if he died before the marriage was logged in the HHR computer, was he really married?



The whole thing is crazy. Was he kidnapped or being blackmailed by the ‘husband’?
It seems a terrible crime MAY have taken place.

He definitely killed the guy, but from what I’ve read in the article, there isn’t any mention of a forced marriage. It’s possible, but it’s also possible the guy just seduced him, or just flat-out lied to him and said they needed to get married for XYZ money maximization reasons or whatever.

I consolidated posts from different threads on this to one.
This story might unravel more information in the future.


There are rumors on Reddit with further info:

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Game of thrones: Taiwan edition


Please note the 500 million was a conservative estimate. Actually, the stakes were ridiculously high: something along the lines of over a billion worth in properties.

The mother’s issue came up as “can someone from China inherit”. Some parties are not happy with her getting a piece of the pie.

Overall, an ugly situation fueled by greed.

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and rich grandpa’s lechery :banana:

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If I marry the guys ghost can I get the money?


Marry the ex husband . It’s his money now. Just don’t look over the balcony when he tells you he sees a cute cat below.