Students Abroad

These days are the absolutely worst for your students living abroad. Here is my reply for one of my privates. Please head off the depression for your students before it happens. I feel bad for her but I can only offer words of encouragement. Please review your files and see to whom you should send a message.

It’s so good to hear from you!
Things are about the same here. XXXXXXXX still does weird crap but her nephew is living with us now and preparing for university exams so I have someone to talk “guy stuff” with. I still teach at my home and for the government.
It sounds like you have a problem.
I think that you sound depressed. You have a combination of things all happening at once and it is enough to make anyone feel bad.
The first is the holiday season. Being away from home on the holidays is one of the worst experiences. Ask anyone who has had to do it. It sucks.
Solution: I can’t recall which uni you are at but I know there is an organization of Asians that hang out and do things together. If you haven’t found them do it today. You will find that they feel like you do and can do things with you much like a big family. You need some foods that are traditional to CNY. Find them.
The next thing stacked up is the most difficult stage of culture shock. Solution: Go to the uni library and read “Culture Shock” I forget the author but I know they will have copies of the book. You will find that what you are experiencing with your emotions is absolutely normal. It is not just you.
Next, do something nice for yourself. Buy a gift for yourself, even if it is a small gift, it will make you feel better. Maybe buy a toy snake to pin on your door and make a CNY sign. Some chocolate always works too!
Next, is the worry about grades. Each department will have available tutors to help you. (The Asian Student Organization will have tutors also) Find tutors for the classes you are having the most trouble with.
Go see the professor for the worst classes. Explain your problem and ask for suggestions. They also have available resources to help.
Next, you need a BIG HUG.
Next, is time. Time will pass and the holiday season will disappear and spring will bring new opportunities. Get through the holiday and things will look brighter.
I, for one, sure miss you. Remember that there are many people, here and there, who really care about you. Hang in there and stay in touch.