students seen dressed as Arabs mocking them by carrying toy machine guns


TAIPEI (Taiwan news) – Photos surfaced yesterday (Jan. 3) on social media of Taiwanese high school students dressed as stereotypical Muslims, wearing Arab robes and carrying toy machine guns at a school event meant to promote Muslim culture and food.

What is wrong with high school kids here? First a nazi parade and now this?!


What are taught at schools in Taiwan.


I had to chew out a coworker last week for coming out with the ludicrous statement “I don’t like Muslims because they’re all terrorists”. One gets the feeling many teachers spend their time perpetuating these stereotypes ad nauseum. What’s remarkable in this case is that the event was supposed to promote greater understanding of Muslim cultures.



They should have posed with a pickup truck wearing baseball caps and checked shirts.


I’ve changed the title by one closer to reality. Believe it or not, there are Arabs that carry and use machine guns and aren’t terrorists.

There are plenty of guys firing machine guns in the USA and aren’t terrorists either.


Such as the police.


Give me a break. What, you think they were promoting the NRA for the arab world?

They were clearly mucking about with the stereo type of muslim = terrorist.

And if you are going for accuracy, you can do better…those are not machine guns, they are toys. Fixed it for you.


At least they should have been more realistic about it and dressed up in Isis outfits. Instead, they’re dressed like cartoon petrodollar sheikhs.


They should have carried some ‘petrodollars’ or oil barrels!


The Arab world have some of the most backward thinking societies. And don’t blame it on the West, yes it did influence things but don’t act like they weren’t conquering their neighbors during Muhammad’s time and right after his death basically a civil war of his successors since. If they aren’t blowing up and killin each other, they blow up the rest of the world and shoot people there. The only ounce of civility those society have comes from knowing their government knowing if they and their people behave just enough, they can be rich from selling natural resources.

There were a few that modernized but guess what happened to them.


Wow! forumosans are displaying high moral standards, and expecting those from some teens.
What’s wrong with them asks Mr. R (where is he) toy guns ?
We need more real guns, more Trumpism, more of all that garbage promoted on this very site.



I wonder how that video would have gone down if it were released today.:grin:
“Now, the thing is Joe, we’ve got a couple of issues with the video…”




Left wing Brownie points for supporting the Sandinistas…left wing Brownie points taken away for being Islamophobes.


You can’t win them all. Surely in the current polarized political climate there would also be right wing Brownie points taken away for the anti-Semitism? Which makes a nice change. I don’t think they had many of those to start with, though.

The black face would be its downfall, though. No chance getting that through these days.


They’d probably get flack from PETA too for abusing that armadillo.


They’re called:“Trucks of peace”, please use the correct terminology, it’s 2018.


What are taught at schools in Taiwan.

Some math. More math. A little bit more math. And some math.

What could be done - a class trip to mainland, then trying to take a train there, with security check near ticket halls, security check when you approach station, security check when you show railway ticket, and security check when you enter the train again. Also, to get to the station, you used metro, with security check.

Then you can explain, that if people will continue to tease terrorists, they may visit, occasionally, with presents, and Taiwan government will SURELY overreact, and you’ll get the same amount of safety checks in Taiwan as well. Wanna? Me neither =)


That’s what I imagined.