students seen dressed as Arabs mocking them by carrying toy machine guns


Okay, how about the Mormons? Mainstream or not?


Mormons are not Jim Jones. Where are you going with this kind of pedantry?

Educated adults not on the spectrum are able to use general terms like 'mainstream ’ in conversation without having to qualify their exact meaning. We make inferences based on context and general usage of the language


They say that Islam is the most civilized and advanced of all the world’s religions.


Ok, that’s not what I said. Again we are able to use general terms in the English language with the understanding that the listener will understand our meaning based on context.


Vague language may encourage vague ideas.


Sure , if you want. Still not sure what you are trying to achieve here


And “mainstream” is vague. Mormonism is the majority relgion in Utah, and a minority religion elsewhere. No other church accepts its central tenets, but many will say polite, positive things about them. Mainstream or not?


I don’t care. It’s irrelevant. Where are you going? Mainstream is a general term, but sometimes we use general terms in conversation.


We were discussing what is, or is not, mainstream Islam.


But that’s a different conversation.


Sorry, my brain gets clouded when I spend too much time interwebbing. I’ll need to find a nice planet for my next detox. Any suggestions?


And I don’t think we were even discussing that


In the interests of getting this thread back on track:


Actually, sometimes vague language encourages very specific ideas! And vice versa! :astonished: :dizzy_face:




Totally confused now.


Hey, that’s not fair. No spoilers, man! :rage:


You forgot to add at least three :nsfw:'s and “some of my best friends are…” disclaimers. Gnarly guitar though.


You certainly talk in general terms in sociology.


I was going to suggest Titan, but then I remembered the unique denebulising stratosphere of Mogadore. Transit via Earth for a 7 day round trip, avoid Lorien.