Study: 50% of processed foods for vegetarians contain meat

A friend of mine in the US pointed me to these two articles, both of which are pretty disturbing news for vegans, vegetarians and those allergic to certain food types in Taiwan and abroad and is causing a bit of an uproar.
Over 50% of processed foods for vegetarians found to contain meat

From the article:

As much of the world’s supply of vegetarian foods come from Taiwan many veg*ans are pretty pissed to learn that they’ve been misled. This post on the undercover investigation of vegan restaurants in Los Angeles serving non-vegan food leads back to the source - Taiwan. … staurants/
(a long-ish read, so skim down to the paragraph titled From Rosemead to Taiwan if you’re lazy) :slight_smile:

Please remember that it’s not just vegans or vegetarians that need be worried, but also people that are allergic to dairy, seafood and other animal products.

On a brighter note, Taiwan is, as of 1st July 09, more strict on product labeling - or potentially more strict anyway. We’ll see. … tarian.htm

This is disgusting! :frowning: I was excited about vegetarian food in Taiwan but now I’m thinking otherwise! These people need to be prosecuted!! :fume:

Also, if a product secretly contains pork it is extremely unfair for Muslims and Jews. This makes me so angry!

Not a major surprise, surely?

It surprises me that vegetarians buy processed foods. All the vegetarians I’ve met bang on incessantly about how health conscious they are.

Nothing more healthy than a good steak! :discodance:
I’m so happy that I don’t have this problems.
But if, lets say, KFC’s processed food would secretly contain insects I would be disgust too.