Study: Ugly people tend to favor mask wearing

There’s no why to know whether people who favor mask wearing thinks of themselves as ugly or beautiful either.

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Fishing for compliments

This is an intelligent joke, that fell on thick ears.

Here is one you’ll like about syllogisms…

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I’m not sure if it was really a joke, or if it was also a joke the numerous previous times they used many doctors and nurses wearing masks as a reason we should all now be wearing masks.

If it was an intelligent joke this time, they took a long bloody time to get there.


I wasn’t aware of the traumatic build up.



Calm yourself down. I was just being polite and inclusive, for I know not their sex or gender. :upside_down_face:

Ah ok. QSS has identified as male on this forum, IIRC.

I thought so, but I didn’t want to assume and it didn’t seem important enough to worry about, hence “they”.

He/him over here, btw. :whistle: