Studying at home - how to get visa

I am studying here at my apartment in tawian through an international college.
As I am not working as i wanto to study for 1 year full time at home, can i apply for a visa if yes then how would i need to do it and what papers do i need. i am currently in and out every 30days but want to get 90days.
any advise?


Please someone tell me I’m wrong.

Juba is right. You won’t be able to get a visa. Your best bet is to get a work visa at a school that doesn’t want you to work too many hours. Most teachers want lots of hours and during the lean times schools have a problem giving teachers sufficient work. Many schools would be happy to have a teacher content with only 8 or 10 hours a week. This will give you plenty of time to work on your studies.

Part-time work is also good for avoiding cabin fever. You really don’t want to be stuck at home in front of your computer all day, day after day.