Studying Chinese in NEi-Hu area

My wife are I are looking to study Chinese 5 days a week. We live in Nei-Hu District, Taipei. Are there any language schools close by?

Thanks for any info.

All I know are in Ta-An area, near NTHU and NTU.There’s one private language center in Roosevelt Rd. , and NTHU has Chinese language center

Thanks. what is NTHU?

: )

TLI has a “classroom” in Neihu

[quote=“rshanlon2”]Thanks. what is NTHU?

: )[/quote]

Typo for “NTNU”, or “Shida”, I’m guessing. AKA the CLCC, to add some more alphabet soup. Anyway it’s not in Neihu. :frowning:

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”]TLI has a “classroom” in Neihu[/quote]


Is anyone here currently studying at TLI on Roosevelt. I need to ask about a certain teacher and your opinion.