Studying Daoism and Chinese Philosophy

Hello folks, I could use some help. I have studied chinese for about six years, and have lived on the mainland for about two years, studying colloquial chinese and Daoist philosophy. I am looking to travel to Taiwan for the first time this summer, and I would like to spend about half of it continuing my studies, the other half traveling. So far, I have been unable to find a school, program, or individual that would be able to teach me what I’m looking for. Specifically, I’m looking for a tutor or some one on one situation that can provide me with:

continued study of classical chinese - specifically Laozi, Zhuangzi, and Liezi, among others.
A conversation partner who has an interest in philosophy, who can help me discuss and debate philosophy in chinese
an understanding of contemporary thought on Daoism and its applications in modern china and taiwan

Last summer I attended a school that focused on one-on-one education in Kunming, Yunnan. The experience was really fantastic, my teacher and I got along very well, and we were able explore the texts in great detail. If anyone knows of any schools that provide this kind of tutoring, maybe they could find someone for me. Oh, I can’t read traditional characters. I realize that in taiwan its probably too much to ask for someone who could help in my transition from simplified to traditional, but thats also going to be part of my learning endeavor for this summer.

Thank you all,