Studying in China; those darn appliation fees

I’m planning to apply to study at a few universities on the mainland in the next few months. From what I’ve read, the money wire fee charged by banks in western countries is almost equal the application fees, which would make things quite expensive.

Does anyone know how much a Taiwan bank charges to wire money to the mainland?

Also, there’s a possibility that I will be taking a trip with family to the mainland during the summer. I’m wondering: Is it possible for me to just walk into a bank there, give them some money and ask them to wire/deposit it into the accounts of the universities I’m applying to?

Or is this kind of service only available to people who have an account at a mainland bank?

Thanks for any help.

[color=black]Do it by postal transfer.
By an “international post order”[/color]

Will that drop the money directly into the universities’ bank accounts?