Studying in Taiwan for slightly more than 6 months - which visa to apply for?

Hi there,

I have been granted a scholarship to learn Chinese for half a year in Taipei and I want to apply for a visa. The brochure I have says that there are “visitor visas” which are valid for up to six months, and “resident visas” for people who want to stay for more than six months.
So, the period of my scholarship is exactly 6 months. However, I will need to be in Taiwan a week before that, to take an orientation test and might very well also want to stay one or two weeks longer after the scholarship period. So I guess this would theoretically make it necessary to apply for a resident visa, wouldn’t it? So, do I really have to apply for a resident visa, which seems a bit of a stretch, as I am not really intending to become a permanent resident, or is there any way to extend the visitor visa for about a month or so?

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

You’ll be extending the visitor visa twice already to be able to stay 6 months. I would say go for the resident visa or factor in a visa run to HK around the 4th month. If you are eligible for visa-free entries or if your visitor visa is a multiple entry one, you will just need to go spend a weekend in HK (or anywhere else outside Taiwan) and come back. The Philippines might be a great choice: flying low cost and staying for a fee days can be extremely cheap.

Alright, thanks! :slight_smile: I guess I will go for the resident visa, seems to be less of a hassle.

Probably. Also, you’ll save yourself all of those very annoying situations where you go through all the steps for doing something (a.k.a. the joys of burocracy) just to hit a brick wall in the end because “oh sorry, you need to have an ARC… Sorry, sorry, sorry (but still no way)”.