Studying in Taiwan without a visa

Hi guys!

I’m coming to Taiwan soon for a student exchange program. I’ll be in Taipei for 6 months and I was thinking about not getting visitor visa but booking a short holiday in Philippines instead so that none on my stays in Taiwan is longer than 90 days (which is a period I can stay in Taiwan legally without visa).

Do you guys think it’s a good idea? Will I have any problems with immigration officials in Taipei? or at the airlines desk as my return ticket is clearly after the 90 days period?

First check and see if the school requires or recommends it. It’s not a big deal to get one but just takes some effort.

Immigration won’t care as long as you exit within the 90 days and won’t care if you immediately return.

You’ll just need an onward ticket to show when checking into any flights to Taiwan as airlines are not supposed to let you board without one. Sometimes they forget or don’t check but not usually. Airlines requirements don’t say they have to check date of ticket, just that you have an onward ticket. Immigration in Taiwan rarely checks on entry.

Don’t forget, Philippines also requires an onward ticket that you’ll need before you depart Taiwan to Philippines for your short holiday.

I was a student at the MTC for three months and did this. It worked out nicely.