Studying in Taiwan

I’m not sure if this is the right place to put this so feel free to move it to a more appropriate place.

I’ve been here for over two years now and while I enjoy it here and I quite like my job, I think that teaching English here probably isn’t doing my future career prospects much good.

So, I was looking into getting some qualifications while I’m here and wondered what people think would be useful.

I’m studying Chinese too - but not convinced that that is going to be a big advantage to me if I ever return to England.

Courses I have looked at have included the TEFL, CELTA/DELTA, Business MBA.

Anyone done any of these? Worthwhile or not?

Have you thought about going to Bankok U? They have in international college where all courses are taught in English, at incredible prices. Another year in the ROC, and then it’s BU for me.

Cheng Da at Muzha has a very reputable English MBA program.

National Taiwan Uni also has an English MBA program, however it only started recently so there’s still a few issues with it. There are many non-Chinese speaking students there.

I’m doing an exchange semester at Zhengda right now in the IMBA program. It’s not at the same level as my home school but it’s pretty good. The people who are in the program are all really nice and hold a relatively high performance standard. Check out the website.