Studying Mandarin in Eastern Taibei: Neihu, Xizhi, Nangang

I would like to practice my Chinese in Neihu. I am looking for twice a week after work. Time could be flexible, with 90 minutes each time. Just meet in a small coffee shop somewhere - location also flexible.

I am at a conversational level of Chinese and am really looking for someone to chat with about what’s going on in the world. I’m looking for about 30 minutes text book work (I have my own texts) and 60 minutes free chat. All speaking would be in Chinese only. This is a really casual setting and should be pretty easy for someone who likes to chat and can correct errors.
My goal is to have someone correct my grammar mistakes and pronunciation and to check to see if I understand how to use the new vocab I pick up.

I have studied at TLI for 1.5 years in a 1 on 1 environment and enjoyed it. It’s just a long ways away from Neihu.

Anyone know of anybody in Neihu? Much appreciated.

Hmmmm…that’s a tough one. I say that just because I would be afraid that most of the people who read the Oriented “Learning Chinese” thread would be, well, foreigners who want to learn Chinese, not Chinese who might be able to teach us.

I wonder if anybody has any ideas for where kaiasia might find somebody?

The only things I can think of would be:

–Post to the teacher wanted lists (probably a long shot) or deliberately mis-post to their “teachers offered” lists, which ARE read by Chinese people;

–Post a notice at the universities – but then again you’re not in Taipei which is the whole problem to begin with! (Have you tried Dongwu [Soochow] University in Tachih? That might be closer for students to travel.)

–Try posting a notice on your neighborhood bulletin board – the one with all the red papers for apartment rentals and stuff like that.


Neihu’s not in Taipei ? Things have changed…

We’re talkin’ convenience and travel, not maps. I can see where somebody who lives and perhaps works in Neihu might not want to hoof it on down to central Taipei.

So…any constructive ideas?


Thanks for the answers. The red postings are a good idea. I think I’ll try that.

Actually, an English-teaching friend of mine recommended I try here as she said they (both foreigners and Taiwanese) talk within her school about outside privates. Long shot, but …

Anyways, appreciate the kindness in responding. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Hi, I live in Neihu and know this area quite well. I’d like to teach you Chinese after work. The time and location will be fine with me.

I am a native speaker but have never taught Chinese before. That’s a good idea to talk about something interesting. I’ll try my best to help you out for the grammar and pronunciation.

Please give me a shout if you are still interested.
My mobile is:0955610808 or you prefer emailing me at


Chinese Classes in Neihu

This is from their web site. They need six students for a mwf 6:30-8:??. So far there are three for sure. Will start soon as they have six.
There are also other class times available…you’ve gotta ask them.

No more need to drive all the way downtown or to tiemu…

TLI Launches Neihu Classroom

In order to provide study opportunity for students of Chinese in Xizhi and Nankang districts, TLI has opened a Classroom in Neihu. The facilities are provided by Taipei Oxford Cultural & Educational Institute. TLI is responsible for faculty supply and curriculum design.

Our new location offers many convenient amenities: plenty of free parking, a clean, comfortable learning environment and much more. It is located at 3F, No. 54-7, Kang Ning Rd., Sec.3, Neihu. TLI warmly welcomes all inquiries into studying Chinese or English at the TLI Neihu Classroom.

For Mandarin instruction, please contact Linda Lin at 2832-7330.

or see

New semester begins June 2. Check out THere are a couple times availabile so you can pick and choose.



Does anyone know if the TLI NeiHu Center still work? There is no info on the website.


If anyone is interested: TLI in NeiHu still works. TLI ShihLin branch is in charge of this location. Call the above phone number for further info.

I am going to move with my family to Taipei in August. We are going to live in the Nei Hu area (near BiHu park). Does anybody know some chinese school in the area or close to it? I prefer evening classes. Private tutor also an option. Can you recommend some resources where I can find such information?

I am looking for Chinese tutor in NeiHu area.
Maybe someone also knows some Chinese language school there?

Or maybe you can suggest where I could look for a Chinese tutor?
Any help would be appreciated.


Would you be in town or you are only looking for tutor in NeiHu ?

I just want to take a moment to bitch about TLI in Neihu. I just got 2 days’ warning that the Neihu branch of TLI is closing and I’d have to go Roosevelt Rd. or their other branch (also far) if I want to stay at TLI.

Also, I just finished the second TLI book and I’m ready for the next one, and they won’t sell it to me! They said if I want to buy it I’ll have to sign up for a class at their Roosevelt Rd. location. Jerks!

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll find another good Chinese teacher but I just wanted to complain about TLI’s lack of professionalism.

It’s been my experience that there’s an… administration Nazi at every language school on planet Taiwan (well, the three I’ve attended Shida, Mandarin Daily News and now TLI.) One must look past them and focus on the finer qualities of the language school in question.

I didn’t know they had a Neihu branch. Is that a new (that’s soon to be a gone) thing?

It’s been around for a few years. It was “housed” at Taipei Oxford school, on Kang Ning street.

My teachers at the school were definitely high quality. In this case, I can’t quite look past the administration since they closed my school! Not quite an administrative detail. But yes, for others interested in TLI, I would say that based on the 2 teachers I had, it was good.

Where can I look for local (Neihu) teachers? Forumosa only has language exchanges.

Do you have the phone number for the Neihu branch? I’d be happy to call them up and give 'em a piece of a random foreigner’s mind about not selling you that book, etc. etc. :smiling_imp:

Sure, hehe. The name I was given is Carol Qiu at 02 2832-7330. She’s the director.

Does anyone know where I can join a Chinese class in XIZHE (next to Neihu) or closeby. I live in Lotus Hill.

(XiZhe not XiZhi)

Mod note: The suburb in northeastern Taipei (next to Neihu) is Hsichih in traditional Taiwanese romanization, and Xizhi in Hanyu Pinyin, 4th and 3rd tones respectively – Xi4zhi3. It is not XiZhe (sic). --Dragonbones, Learning Chinese co-moderator