Studying mandarin part time and working remotely in taipei


I’ve had a look all over this forum for info regarding my situation but cannot seem to find anything. Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I’m coming to Tapei at the end of July or start of August to study mandarin at NTNU part time(10 hrs per week) for at least 1 year. I’m Australian and have a small recruitment biz in Australia which I am able to run remotely from anywhere in the world as long as I have a decent internet connection. So my question is, because im not studying full time(minimum 15hrs) I’m not eligible for a student visa and because I’m working remotely I wouldnt be eligible for a work visa, so in order for me to be able to stay at least one year what would the process be in terms of visa’s? Is it as simple as leaving every few months, applying for a new visa at an offshore consulate then re-entering?

I’m sure there must be people who live in taiwan and work from home remotely doing similar things? Is there any sort of special visa i can apply for under these grounds? And if not do i need to keep my working from home a secret so I dont breach any work visa laws?

Thanks for any help I can get.


Noob to noob, I think you just take an extra 5 hours of “supplementary” classes (e.g. watch a movie in a hall) to qualify for the student visa. Otherwise, yeah, you just cycle in and out.

That’s what I did in my first 6 months. Easy-peasy. Most of those extra classes are useful and fun, too.

If you haven’t seen this already, here’s a link to the Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) with visa information: The requirements related to business-related visas may not fit your scenario.

I think the previous suggestions to add just 5 more hours a week of supplemental classes, thereby qualifying for a Student Visa, would be the least hassle for you.

(If you do enter on a 60-day Visitor Visa, you have the option of applying for an extension without leaving the country. It’s worth a shot; if they don’t approve the extension, you then must do a visa run.)

Great, thanks for that.