Stuff for sale / name your price

Anyone want anything? Will almost give away if you can pick up at a time convenient for me: Just pm me

Dining room table although I use as a desk. Heavy Glass top. Think it was 30-40K when I bought. Selling for NT$2000 but you’ll provably have to arrange movers, which might cost another 1 or 2.

Plus this compartment

Hi. Can you list the dimensions of the compartment? Thanks.

Height 107cm
Width 82cm
Depth 48 cm

i assume you’re up in taipei?


pm sent

I’d like to take the oven please!

Or not it would seem

Try a PM

Didn’t get a reply on that either

Maybe he’s already left Taiwan?

The day after posting the ad?

Hi Lorenzo,

I’ve now moved away from Taiwan. I replied to everyone who sent me a PM. (I didn’t receive one from you).

Good luck finding what you are looking for!

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