Stuff to do during Chinese New Year in Taipei


Me and a colleague of mine are going to spend all of Chinese New Year in Taipei and was wondering if anybody has any good ideas for stuff to do?

For now we have been considering doing a lot of drinking and a limited amount of bicycling and hiking.

As I understand it, Saturday the 13th is the big New Year day, so a concert (we prefer rock) or some other alcohol related event that day would be perfect. Any ideas? I know that Taipei will be mostly deserted, but there still has to be some thirsty people sticking around…


:unamused: throw a house party would probably be your best bet …

Buy a small bush war’s worth of fireworks. Eat. Drink.

Don’t worry. Your not the only one still in Taipei. I kno I’m staying (can’t afford to leave since I just got back from a Thailand vacation) and I kno a couple other foreigners who are staying. And some people are coming here to visit from the other cities. So just pick a bar or club you like and see if they are having any CNY specials. And there might be cultural events going on, check out the Taipei Times or China Post for info. Hiking or the hot springs are always nice too.