Stuff to eat at the night market

ChiaYi has this divine dish called ji rou fan (chicken [meat] rice). It’s sticky rice with some sort of special chicken stock poured over it and bits of chicken and veggies. It is honestly a heavenly dish!

This thread is way old, but hey, food is eternal…

The Keelung night market is well known for a soup called ding2 bian1 cuo4. It’s sold just in front of the big temple there. Very good. Very tasty. No nasty UAPs (Unrecognizable Animal Parts).

I like the cotton candy. What is it called in Mandarin?

I went back to the Jilong night market for the first time in years recently. They re-did it a few years ago, and I think it’s the best night market I’ve been to in Taiwan, at least as far as food goes. Granted I haven’t been to many nightmarkets outside of Taipei area, but it’s the best up north. There’s a lot of really good food, even for us veggiematarians, and it’s well laid out with numbered stalls, English andf Japanese in the main section.


Bu En Lai, I am in agree with you on the new shiny stands at the Keelung night city square. I went there last weekend, loved it. What I really like the best there is that there are no cars, no scooters, no bikes, no nothing allowed inside the area. Just strolling fat and happy people. I do wish people drank in public a bit more here though. Why don’t night markets have beer gardens? Good idea? Seems Taiwanese people like to drink likker inside their homes only or at fancy restaurants where others cannot SEE them, but to drink in public like a night city fairground is a no no. WHY?

why?? Because Taiwanese are bad DRUNK!!! They get very loud, annoying, rude when they are drunk…trust me on this one… :wink:

anything at the night market are good…as long as they are food, they look nice, tasty, then I will eat it… YUMMY!

Well, at some sit down, open air eateries with tables spilling onto the sidewalks you can get nice cold Taiwan Draft Beers.