Stumbling (a new way to browse the web)

Spack is right. This program does deserve it’s own thread.

The program can be found [HERE]

There’s no spyware in it so you don’t need to worry about that.

Here’s how it works:

[quote][url=]StumbleUpon is an intelligent browsing tool for sharing and discovering great websites. As you click Stumble!, you’ll get high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences. These pages have been explicitly recommended (rated I like it) by friends and other SU members with similar interests. Rating these sites shares them with your friends and peers

I stumbled onto See what they say about Taiwan

Here’s an abridged sample:

taiwan is not a member of the who
taiwan is
taiwan is a part of china
taiwan is experiencing job losses from global it slowdown
taiwan is a modern industrialized megalopolis clinging to the fringes of an ancient culture; a string of stinking cities at the feet of a
taiwan is the right thing to do
taiwan is not united with china
taiwan is by definition independent of people’s republic of china
taiwan is a thriving free
taiwan is a beautiful island home to over twenty
taiwan is so convenient i wonder if it’s a bit much
taiwan is now
taiwan is ready to produce its own submarines
taiwan is a small island on the west side of the pacific
taiwan is free for evangelism
taiwan is turning its back on software from the likes of microsoft to
taiwan is easy to find

I’m hooked already.
I love the community aspect of it. There’s a friends network which hooks you up with people who have the same interests, and visit similar sites to you.
Loads of forums and groups to join with a lot of interaction and site recommendations as well as discussion of individual sites. You have your own blog into which you can put in as many links and images as you want.
I have only been using it for about a week and have found tons of really interesting and useful stuff that I would never have found just by fannying about on google or other sites.

It would be great if more 'mosans could join. We could form our own Taiwan gruop.
I highly recommend it, but do be aware that it is highly addictive.


Damn you Miltonkid, I have work to do!
Just kidding, what a great little tool. Unlimited time-wasting opportunities here.

In your profile it’s better to put too much than too little in order to get the most of it. Put down plenty of interests, music, and books and join a bunch of groups so you can get better quality stumbles and develop a better friends network.

I recommend going through all your own bookmarks and clicking ‘I like it’ for each one because that is supposed to improve stumbles as well.

Click on page review if you really like/dislike a site and write a comment. That goes straight into your blog.

If you use firefox, you can right click an image on a website and select Photoblog It.

Like Sandy said, a big time waster, but fun.


There are now 17 people from Taiwan at StumbleUopn. :slight_smile:

The only browser it runs on 4 Macs is firefox and I did not want to crowd the system, hmm…, eh? I’ll keep it in mind next time I go to an Internet cafe. It sounds just what I have been looking for. I used to like browsing the Web in the early days of Netscape. It was like exploring. These days it is not as easy to find fun, new sights, but I recommend going to the Flash home page and checking out their awards. And the Webby awards is always an incredible experience.

If you like StumbleUpon, you will almost certainly also like

Similar idea - you get to browse other people’s bookmarks, but this is not like other bookmarks sites. You add tags to your own bookmarks which is more convenient than folders. There’s also a main page to browse newly added links if you don’t want to register. I recommend registering to get the most out of it. Takes 2 minutes, tops.

There’s also a ‘delicious’ extension for firefox users which is extremely useful.

I find Delicious complements StumleUpon well because SU doesn’t really have proper bookmarks, just ‘My Favourites’ which is not that useful for finding stuff you’ve previously come across. SU is best for browsing/ stumbling with social blogging and Delicious is best for bookmarking/ browsing.

How do I get rid of the StumbleUpon: Blog This text that appears when I right click on a link. I used StumbleUpon for all of five minutes over a year ago, and I’d really like to get rid of it now. :s

Uninstall it? That’s what I did. If you’re using firefox it’s Tools->Extentions->Highlight StumbleUpon and click uninstall.

Not sure for IE.

[quote=“miltownkid”]Uninstall it? That’s what I did. If you’re using firefox it’s Tools->Extentions->Highlight StumbleUpon and click uninstall.

Not sure for IE.[/quote]
Did that. It got rid of the program, but not the text I mentioned above.

Then my guess is that is has something to do with maybe doing a firefox upgrade since you’ve installed it (unless it’s been there for a long time). I bet installing StumbleUpon and uninstalling it again would get rid of it.

You could do this stuff mentioned here as well: … enu-items/