STUNNED by my Mother

The sooner the better, I hate moving.

The sooner the better, I hate moving.[/quote]

Anyways…The more things change the more they stay the same…

As to moving, I hate it so much I’ve stayed in the same crappy apartment for more than a year now for that very reason. And also, it gives me something to bitch about… :slight_smile:

[quote=“ed”]I’ve been hearing that it’s a great time to be back in the US. The recession hasn’t been as bad as predicted, so firms are preparing to invest or at least not hold back on investing in talent. The baby boomers ARE retiring on schedule, although many are turning right around and selling consulting back to their firms. Nevertheless, American firms are concerned about a talent shortage. Meanwhile, headhunters are reporting a business boom unseen since their heyday in the late 90’s.

Has anyone heard the same or otherwise?

If you can package your China experience and use it stay in the US, you may be able to do well.[/quote]

I’ve heard similar thoughts with respect to the baby boomers retiring. There will also be a major transfer of wealth from the baby boomers during their retirement years. They are buying vacation condos like crazy in Maine right now.

As for packaging China experience in the US, I work for a quasi-governmental agency in Maine that helps local businesses pursue international trade opportunities. My primary area of responsibility is Maine-China trade and I will bring a few wood products companies from Maine to China in June on an export mission. I have been at this job since August 1 and I am shocked by the number of China inquiries I receive. In a tiny state like Maine, there are countless businesses needing help on sourcing or exporting matters with China. Some of these companies have hired Chinese students from local colleges to help them deal with their Chinese suppliers or distributors. Many would prefer to hire a US citizen with Chinese language skills to avoid the visa hassles involved in hiring a foreign national. If things are like this in Maine, imagine the needs of larger states like MA, NY, CA, etc. If you speak good Chinese or have experience sourcing from or exporting to China, there are plenty of companies in the US needing your help. I think a headhunter could find you a job very quickly that would keep you in the States most of the time with a few trips to China now and then.

[quote=“purple people eaters”]The world is not getting worse, it