Stupid Chinese display question (WinXP)

OK, so something I installed at some point made my computer shit itself and reboot every time I tried to switch resolutions, so I figured reinstall and see if that fixes it. It did. Unfortunately now I have a small problem. I’ve installed East Asian Language support, and for the most part that’s done the job, but the ID3v2 tags on my MP3s don’t display in Winamp5. They used to, they don’t on this install. Any ideas? NJStar Communicator’s no help, I’ve switched the playlist font to a Chinese one and that just made the random squiggles look uglier, and I’ve told Winamp to default to Big5 and that failed. Anyone?

Control Panel—> Regional Settings (I think, the globe Icon anyway)—> the third tab. Then you can change how windows handles stuff that isn’t in English (or something like that, my XP is Chinese so I can’t be real specific).

Current versions of winamp expect mp3 tags to be in UTF8 charset. I had this same headache when I switched to iTunes that also wants everything in UTF8. At the time I looked for big5 to UTF8 tag converters but didn’t find any. I ended up re-ripping most of my CDs because I find iTune’s native AAC encoding sounds better than mp3 anyways, but I still have a heap of old tracks that are in big5 and some Japanese stuff in JIS, but the future seems to be in UTF8.

(The ID3 standard doesn’t specify a default character set, or allow one to be specified in the tag, so that’s why it’s such a mess.)

Well, perhaps they are in Unicode. I’ll try that out.

EDIT: Bzzt. I lose. Any other ideas? They all worked perfectly in my last install of XP… :s

And MK - that option is to change how non-Unicode programs are handled by Windows, to let legacy programs in other languages run in the supposedly out-of-the-box multilingual XP.

Well, if I understand what jlick wrote correctly, the only other option is getting an older version of [insert your mp3 program here] (winamp I guess?) or get another program that handles the tags properly (or oldschooly).

But the thing is, Winamp - this exact version of Winamp - handled them perfectly in my previous install, so it must be a Windows thing. I’ve changed the non-Unicode handling thing in Windows, so when I get home I’ll try it out.