Stupid for Going Back to Taiwan AGAIN?


Sir – unlike myself and the OP you are apparentlementely not part of the elite clurb of execurtive presidential posters who ooccasionnalemete acceptere to ‘take one for the team’ and dive into deadly ordinary Taiwanese air in order to relieve their trou in Hsinchu for a sum of 10 milliards of dollars, starting from there and working up the kyber to a more acccepatabearable salary.


Restaurants, health care, rent and daily living costs in the US far exceed Taiwan. You can spend a lot of money in a restaurant here if you choose, but local food is inexpensive. Tipping is a big part of it. In NYC, one drink in a bar can be 12-15 bucks plus a tip. Dinner for four is 100 bucks US.

It sounds pretty crazy at first, but 250k in the most expensive cities is not that much money now. For a single person it would go very well.

Daily living costs in the US are off the charts and exceedingly so. Small items you can pick up at the 3C here, a portable speaker, memory stick etc are far cheaper here. Clothing is way cheaper.

There are living cost indexes that calculate approx costs for family of four to live a comfortable life. SF is like 160K. NYC around 130k. Most Major US cities require 90K.


I used to think if I was not in the elite club at least I was breathing some rarefied air as an employee.
There’s always somebody earning a lot more !
If somebody offered me 10m NTD tomorrow a year I’d be ‘wheres the next plane and when do you need me…’. I would do it for a couple of years with little hesitation.
To Hsinchu…I’d be there before they even finished the sentence :).


It is! Anywhere! The only difference is cost of living relevant to your income.


Why did she come back then? Sounds like she could easily get a job in America with her qualifications.


Just throwing it out there. Mediatek and TSMC when I lived in Hsinchu had their VPs at 1m+ USD, directors at 600k and deputy directors at 400kish. You can look up their executive comp at their public filings.

There are plenty of companies out there that will pay 300k USD for a VP position. They just pretend they don’t have money. They do.


Plenty. Probably a few in Taiwan . Not plenty. Not that there would be a lot of VP positions going anyway.


Yes and on top of that they all got:

In Hszcinzhu too! Its totally treu


she has no green card, not a citizen. Will have to get a company sponsor or get married to a citizen (thats where i was hoping to come in, didn’t pan out that way)


These organisations are big in Taiwan, but [profitwise] essentially minions [edit - ok maybe not minions] in a global context. They wouldn’t want to be paying too many people this level of salary. Very doubtful to gain one of these positions without some pretty senior sponsorship. You must really be in the fold @backagain :slight_smile:


TSMC is very possibly the top semiconductor manufacturer in the world. Minion? The other company he might work for is Apple , sent over to keep an eye on things.


very possibly?
it de facto is. two decades ago it lagged Intel in technology by 6-12 months.
Now Intel lags that much.


Point is it is a low margin operation. Apple pulling in 5 to 6 times the profit of TSMC…


…Without the capital investment risk too.


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing net profit margin as of September 30, 2018 is 34.38%.
Apple Inc’s net margin for the quarter that ended in Dec. 2018 was 23.68%.

Apple wins by profits in dollar amount, NOT profit margin.

TSMC’s margins are admirable.


I really think you should buy a new keyboard or a larger ‘smart’ phone!


Come on guys, TSMC is one of most profitable companies in the whole world and in foundry business control near 50 % of market. They do have better technology and better engineers too. Apple just have a strong brand and many competitors, who closing gap day by day.

And i do believe their potential for growth is much higher comparing to Apple in next decade.

I would not move anywhere with toddler. Wait at least 2 years. Just focus on what you do (for now)


Agree. SF is absurdly expensive and taxes high. I lived there years ago and glad I did, but no way would I now.
The East Bay is more to my liking. I also lived in Davis and it’s still great.
There’s a lot to like about Taiwan, but it’s too hot, polluted, congested. I couldn’t deal with living life inside all the time, department stores as entertainment and for air con.
In the end, most places suck. You just pick your battles.


Turning down 10 million? Hmm. Wish I have that opportunity.

Been to SF, never gonna live there. I’d rather save up for my family in Taiwan than getting milked by San Francisco’s ridiculous living cost.

And also.

10 million TWD = 323,848.07 USD

323,848.07 USD > 260k USD


Shit loads of South Africans live there if you like them you won’t be lonely.