Stupid pension question: How do they know if you're dead?

Okay, monthly pensions last until you die (or your spouse dies). But how do they know when that is? Sure, if you’re in Taiwan, then forms will get filled out and the money will be cut off. But what if it happens overseas? Do you have to check in every year or something, to prove you’re still alive?

I don’t think they do know, but since most pension plans allows it to be claimed by family, someone will usually fill out the paperwork to get it.

Doesn’t it require proof of life from time to time?

City gives document out, stating your are alive.

Sounds like the beginning of the end for all those widows overseas…dont ruin their thing :slight_smile:

I guess the smart ones get power of attorney overseas before the big accident.

For the tax office they need copy of passport of bills. Depends if local or not , they will have different procedures.

How does “city” know? I assume you are referring to the family register. But if I die in Algeria, they may not inform Taiwan, let alone the city office.


If I qualify for a pension here, then move to some other country, does my money keep flowing into my bank account? Do I have to prove that I am alive? (If so, how? And to who?)

It seems to depend on which pension you have, if the system has not been changed.

From this it looks like they want to cut off pension payments to anybody living outside the country. Is that right?

I was going to mention that they probably have some rule that you have to be in Taiwan a certain number of days per year. Seems to be a popular rule applied to many things here.

So what happens if you are outside for longer than that? Does the principle accrue in your account, or does it just go “poof”?

I have no idea if it’s an actual rule. Was just taking a guess that it might be a possibility.

How do they know your credit score? Official data is provided to or accessed by those that
have official want or need for it.

An agency that’s giving you money is probably going to reguarly go sort all official records so they can stop as soon as possible.

Too bad people who are dead usually don’t post on Forumosa to let us know what happens…