Stupid shoes!

Why is it that in a country of something like 2 million stray dogs that people put squeeky shoes on their kids? I was taking my dogs for a walk the other day and some 2 year old was running around the playground, squeek squeek squeek. My dogs were very excited by this living breathing squeeky toy and that was the end of our walk in the park. I think this might be a bit of a safety hazard, so for all you parents with toddlers out there, think twice about what kind of shoes you stick on your kids feet.

I would say that parents with 2 yr old should be able to play in parks without fear of dogs roughhousing with them, regardless of the kind of shoes they’re wearing.

You did the right thing in removing your dogs from the situation. :thumbsup:

Gee, I’m a fan of squeaky shoes but hadn’t thought of them as a safety hazard. Thanks for pointing this out. I think I’ll try to keep the squeaky shoes at home.

I think your size has a lot to do with wether or not squeek shoes are a bad idea. Also I am not really worried about dogs who are with people, but so many people let their animals run free and 2 year olds are interesting enough to dogs without the sound effects. Now the shoes that light up make way more sense