Styrofoam for A/C insulation

While I am at it. I have been looking now for some styrofoam, mainly at the usual suspects (B&Q, Tesco, RT, Carrefour) without any luck. I want to use it as insulation material for my window A/C. I haven’t had any luck yet. Maybe somebody has some other idea of what to use or where to look for it.A

Do you want styrofoam boards to slip into the cracks (most school supply stores have it), or 2-part liquid chemical to mix and pour (then it expands), which is available at chemical supply places. If the latter I’ll try to hunt down a business card with an address, but I have to warn you, it’s hard to use. Oh, and the same thing, in a squirt can, is available locally- I think I got it at a hardware store. It’s easier to use in this form. Just remember, it keeps on expanding, until you regret what you’ve just done, and it’s hard to remove.

Initially I was looking for the boards, to put into the cracks and underneath the A/C. That might be the easiest way. The spray foam you mention sounds like a good alternative, but I am afraid I won’t get it off once it is applied. I know that this stuff is sometimes used to hold door frames in place. Maybe I will take a clother look at BnQ today for the spray stuff, but I am still looking for boards. Maybe I will check our office supply store downstairs, but I can imagine that those are rather thin, I wanted something in the order of an inch or so.

I’ve seen boards over an inch thick sometimes, and you can easily glue multiple layers together. After filling all the big gaps (bubble wrap works ok too), then use a wide tape (the pros have a special white tape for this, giving a pro look) to seal the gap perfectly.

Yeah, I have seen the tape you mentioned. I will check out our supply store later, when I get my breakfast. Hopefully they have something there.

RTMart has wide, white vinyl tape too.

Thanks for the suggestion, I think I saw some tape at BnQ yesterday, and I just went downstairs to our office/school supply store, they actually hat three or four sheets of styrofoam. So thanks for the tip, did not think of this one.