Su says KMT can't grasp genuine democracy

Su said that KMT cannot grasp the meaning of a genuine democracy. Am I sensing some hypocrisy in what Su is saying? … refer=home

Interesting how this article takes a poll from TVBS out of all the other pollsters…

Not only is TVBS 100% owned by Sir Run Run Shaw of China, its also historically one of the most inaccurate…

What next? Xinhua?

How about the unbias Taipei Times?

Taipei Times unbias? Don’t make me laugh!

TVBS is owned by a Taiwanese company; the investors are mostly from HK. The DPP has the trademark on Democracy™, therefore there’s no way the KMT can understand it.

TVBS owned by a Taiwanese company but most of the money comes from HK?

That’s not Taiwanese owned then, its a HK front, and they were given shit about it a few months ago, though nothing much happened due to the KMT stacking of the NCC with its lackeys.

There’s no way the KMT can understand democracy as they have not the brains of a snail between them. Simple really. Mind you, the problem with democracy in Taiwan is more than just about the KMT. It’s also handicapped here by the actions of all the other political parties: there’s no KMT monopoly on selfishness, corruption, snout-in-troughery and sheer stupidity here.

Sorry Poagao, you’ve been deceived. That has not been the case for a long long time now.

In 2005 Sir Run Run Shaw announced that they had 100% ownership of TVBS.

“It was established by Television Broadcasts (International) Limited (TVBI), a subsidiary of Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) in Hong Kong, and ERA Group of Taiwan, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Television Broadcasts Limited of Hong Kong in early 2005”

I’ll find Sir Run Run Shaw’s own press release, I remember it being PDF and in English where he announced 100% ownership.

Thanks, Shrimpy. That’s a useful piece of info. Before that TVBS was owned by two Chinese-run front organizations whose offices were right next to each other in one of the Caribbean islands, Bermuda, I think.

That article is two months old. I remember LMAO when I saw Su pegged at 16 points – but what else would you expect from TVBS? You’d have to be pretty clueless about Taiwan politics to accept that as serious poll data – but it should be noted that I’ve busted James Peng on my blog several times for writing pro-KMT stuff. So it is not surprising that he uses that poll.


Somebody was telling me that the reverse of the accusation is more acceptable. I agree without any reservation.

[quote=“beebee”]Somebody was telling me that the reverse of the accusation is more acceptable. I agree without any reservation.


That’s the truth, or half of it at least… Whilst there are undoubtedly a smattering of individuals in TW political circles who perhaps do understand the concept of what genuine democracy should be, it’s an empirical fact that neither the DPP nor the KMT (nor anyone else) have any functional understanding of genuine democracy in a Taiwanese context. More to the point none of them blue, green or in between, have any genuine interest in establishing anything more than a self serving, feel good, veneer of democracy with the good old core of cronyism, bribery, corruption, petty inter party bickering, showboating, amateur dramatics and kickbacks that have been the hallmarks of every troop of halfwits who’ve even been at the reigns of this backwards little island…

TVBS is 47% owned by a company called Bermuda and 53% owned by a Taiwanese company called 東方彩色。 The GIO under Pasuya Yao tried to call the latter’s legitimacy into question but failed, resulting in them having to return the NT$1 million fine to TVBS.

Democracy would start by lifting the extras that all the KMT people and it’s political machine have. End of the free houses for the retired Generals (which I suppose will immediately fly to China and sell their own soul to the CCP in exchange for VIP-Status-for-life). Removal of all the KMT symbols from everywhere they are, except the KMT party property (Police, Army, flag, whatever you want). Then you can go with the street names and whatever holds KMT names… Then you have parties going on the same level…

How can Democracy exist if there is no Rule of Law? Anyone that goes out to the street understands that there is no Democracy in Taiwan (except for choosing who will be the next guy/woman throwing shoes in the LY) because there is no Law enforcement. And when I say enforcement, I don’t say Martial Law, I say “read the damn book”. That would make people more conscious. Sometimes, I wonder if the Road Rules Book is just to make printing houses win money, as, as far as I can see, no one really seems to care about it, not even the “police”. Today I almost saw a child-bus being owned by a tourism bus, because the driver just didn’t remember to look (as if a tourism bus is hard to miss) back. It was just 5 cm away … Anyone reading the book knows that in a cab trip, the guy would loose his license for one month (maybe 2, because he is a professional, so it is double the punishment) because he makes so many faults, that one wonders how he can be a professional. Also, anyone who had the driving exam in Taiwan knows that it is as difficult as getting it from a cereal box.

Then you have local politicians, always telling you that you should keep quiet if you have any problem, because we never know who the other person knows. My neighbour is the head of a local school, he drives a black Cefiro like so many government workers, and for my complete amazement, he came complaining to me because I opened the garage door at 10pm. Now, he has the same house as I do, so he knows that without opening the garage door, I have no access to the house, so, if I need to go out after 10pm, I can’t (or I have to go out by the window, which is as stupid as it can be. The best part, he didn’t ask me to, he ordered me to. After asking around the rest of the neighbours we know the whole deal - he is a personal friend of the new Mayor in Yi-lan, so he got quickly promoted…

So Poagao, who do you think has 100% ownership of 東方彩色/Countless Entertainment (Taiwan) Company Ltd. and TVB Overseas (Bermuda)?

Answer: TVB/Sir Run Run Shaw.

But who owns TVB? Shaw. And who owns Shaw? Beijing. And who owns Beijing? The CCP. And who owns the CCP? Hu Jin-tao. And who owns Hu? His maid, “Little Apple”.

And Little Apple belongs to no man.

poagao, when you are wrong, just admit it for god’s sakes. either that, or post why the info presented against your case is wrong.

I still don’t see the connection, 53% ownership through another company. Is there any proof that Shaw has exerted influence over the reporters in Taiwan?

hey AC, have you ever saw TVBS? I love, specially, their polls and shows around non-existing stories launched by in-mates or criminals at large…

And specially I loved the Mafia guy show…

This is supposedly a student of American history.

Everything they mob does in Taiwan, they just copied from Chicago and Las Vegas, capiche?

Are you just being deliberately, willfully naive or what?

Um, yes, there has been loads of proof that Shaw has exerted influence over the press in Taiwan. Prove that there hasn’t.

So there are reporters in Taiwan wearing cement shoes?

ac… you know that you don’t need cement shoes over here… just make something that would cause loosing face to someone and you are done… that is even worse than cement…

And they have Sissy Chen, who, besides being a mob instigator for job, is also a marriage destroyer in her free time…