Subarus in Taiwan

I saw a bunch of Foresters in Taiwan last year, but no Outbacks. Not a one. Doesn’t mean they don’t sell them, but do they?

Yeah, I’ve seen a bunch over the last couple of years. Really is too big for the cities, and the Forester and Impreza are easier to park. Wonder if Subaru has resolved the oil leaking, but suspect the engine design makes it hard to fix. Pricing at

That’s what I was thinking. Thanks.

I know they sell the XV here (Crosstrek). We were just looking at one the other day.

I don’t plan on buying one here but it’s on my list of possible cars to buy when we move back to Canada—if COVID-19 ever calms down enough so we can make the move.

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The Crosstrek is really small. It’s more of a college kid’s car. We’re on our second Forester, base model, and thinking about upping to a Limited. Drove the Ascent, Touring model, the other day and while it is a smooth, like really smooth ride, it’s a tad pricey and a bit big for two people. The AWD is crazy nice, and the bells and whistles, safe as hell, and great gas mileage.

We must have different ideas about what really small means. :slightly_smiling_face: I thought the Crosstrek was just the right size for our family (two adults and two kids)–although I was a bit concerned about the smaller cargo space compared to some of the other vehicles I’ve been looking at.

Depends on the size of your kids, I guess. lol

We’re looking at doing extended road trips, so full camping and fishing gear. The Crosstrek is fine, but for weeks on the road with two kids and all your stuff? I’d go Outback or Forester. YMMV. And speaking of mileage, we get over 30mpg now and we don’t do that much really long driving given covid and winter and work.

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i do wonder why subaru sticks with the flat four engine. Does seem to be harder to work on and has its uses for a so called lower center of gravity (one wonders exactly how much this benefits).

Supposedly they have solved the gasket issue nowadays.

I want to get a subie too. Because they are generally considered pretty solid cars. Have all wheel drive too.
My pick is the smallest and cheapest, the impreza hatch.

The Crosstrek is just a raised up slightly Impreza hatch.
Am a bit concerned about the flat four engine longevity and possible requirement for an expensive repair later on.

I’m not sure what you mean, but I know the engine is put in sideways. One effect of that is in a collision the engine will slide under your feet instead of tearing your legs off at the knees. I kinda like that.

I’ve driven an outback for the last ten years, I just gave it to my daughter. Great car. No problems. I’d buy it again for sure. Actually, I may never buy anything else.

That’s what I’ve been saying for the last three years. Subaru is a cult.

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I used to think that as well. But now i see ford rangers EVERYWHERE! Not just big and clumsy, utterly useless trucks that make zero sense anywhere outside of towing trailer hitched things. Which is a whole other can of scary worms in taiwan.

My friend in Hualien bought an Outback about 3 years ago. However during the first year the Subaru service center in Hualien closed for about 6 months as staff all quit. Well, that is what he complained about.

Have been interested to buy an Outback but worried about service here on east coast.

I also wonder why they stick to that Boxer engine.

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That’s what has been the bad mark on the brand. The reliability issue. I’ve never had any problem with my Foresters however.

My brother in the U.S. drove his Forester over 200,000 miles with only minor issues. He ain’t exactly a careful driver and is lazy to do maintenance. He just traded the car in for another Forester.


I had a 1996 Legacy wagon - very good car. Then a 2008 Forester. Awful 4-speed auto transmission. The AWD was great, though, and I spent lots of time taking ski trips into the mountains and never got stuck, using ordinary all-season tires. Then the head gasket started to go and leaked oil just after the warranty expired. I complained and Subaru of America replaced it at almost no cost to me. The dealer that did the work said that the replacement gasket was much better quality that the original part. He was right, and I had no other oil leaks.


Yeah I’m not sure the boxer engine is worth it with the head gasket issue which can cost thousands to repair

Subaru’s are not performance cars except maybe the WRX so the slightly flatter cornering is good but worth the risk of getting a bad engine ?

Since Subaru is owned in part by Toyota now mauve
They should stick a Toyota engine in them

Get rid of the flat four

It doesn’t save gas
And it’s hard to service
You would have trouble doing your own spark plugs etc

It should go the way of the rotary like Mazda finally ditched that it was pointless

Porsche seems to be able to make their flat six work but then Porsche is able to use top materials due to their price

Subaru sells very competitively

Wife has a Prius c which was stickering for about 22500 and for that money I should have gotten the similarly priced Impreza

The all wheel drive will allow me to take trips to Reno and Tahoe in snow times

The Prius is a very smooth drive but a bit underpowered compared to the Impreza which itself is considered underpowered compared to a civic

I want a full time AWD SUV. I will not be happy if my my choices are BMW, Benz, and Porsche.

My Skoda wagon is AWD, I’d guess their SUV can be had that way as well. I think it’s called Kodiak. Perhaps the VW variants are as well?