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I’m a fan of Steven Universe and Justice League Action. Each episode of both is about 11 minutes long, though.

I always try to get people hooked on the Chopra Mahabharat serial. (The whole thing is on YouTube with English subtitles. 94 episodes of about 40 minutes each.) Do you think they would appreciate a 2000-year-old epic tale of moustachio’d Indians hitting each other with maces, while pausing every so often to monologue about the meaning of it all? The Little Krishna cartoons are also good, and younger kids might like that better.


For us old-timers here, I enjoyed Avatar, The Last Airbender. Mind you not the movie or the follow up, Korra. They weren’t as good as the original.

If you haven’t seen it. I suggest checking it out. It will be worth your time.


Conan is only good if you’re really familiar with the characters and is like an old fan. It’s like Days of Our Lives of Japan now. It keeps dragging and dragging and dragging, the writing is beyond crap.

Anyway, I don’t like segregation, but chances are kids always get judged if they don’t watch TV shows in accordance with their gender, so these shows are mostly for girls:

Ojamajo Doremi - an old Japanese anime show about witches, there are 4 seasons. It has decent depth and is extremely well-written.

Cardcaptor - I think this one is famous.

Precure - there are tons of seasons (13 or 14) and the best bits about it are the fight scenes. It’s like a crossover between Dragon Ball and mahou shojo. Btw the best seasons are
Heartcatch Precure, followed by Go Princess Precure. The English name for this show is Glitter Force, and the dub is horrid so just show them the original with English sub.

Digimon - I think this one is also famous, but only the first season is good. The following season are all horrid.


They’d say that’s a plus. Too long and their attentions wander, especially for younger toddlers.

They’re loving Adventure Time. Spongebob as well @Liub .

Eh… I woulda said BoJack Horseman is more of of a teenage/adult thing.


I’m not familiar with that one, but looking at a description I think I see what you mean. :hushed:

What I mean is that BB is written more from an adult perspective (Louise is funny because she’s a little adult), whereas the Simpsons is written more from a child perspective (Homer is funny because he’s a big kid).

Also, the art in BB brings out the awkwardness/ugliness of humans in general, in a funny – but adult – way, whereas the yellow people are cute, even the villains.


Hands Down. Duck Tails 2017 Version.
You’ve got David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck and there are so many allusions, tributes and easter eggs you have plenty to talk about with your kids.